Vitamin D Deficiency

  • Studies on Vitamin D and Fish Oil | Natural Health Newsletter
    Don't believe new studies that claim to show that neither fish oil nor vitamin D lower the incidence of heart disease or cancer.
  • Importance of Sunlight in the Winter | Health Blog
    The days are getting shorter and most of us are not leaving work this time of year until it’s completely dark outside. If you don’t make it outdoors at lunchtime, you may barely see any sunlight during the week. The very thought of it is depressing. But even if you don’t have any type of mood disorder, seeing the sun is important on a daily basis. In fact, new research suggests it might be a key element to safeguarding your happiness through the winter months.
  • Low Prenatal Vitamin D and MS in Children | Health Blog
    Having low levels of vitamin D during pregnancy may be associated with a greater chance of the child being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis years later.
  • IBS Linked to Vitamin D deficiency | Health Blog
    The vast majority of individuals with irritable bowel syndrome may have low vitamin D levels.
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