Reviewing A Full Body Detox | Health Podcast

Date: 01/06/2012

Maintain Good Health With Detoxification

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For years Jon Barron and his wife Kristen have started the new year off with a full body detox to maintain good health and prevention of disease!  In this health podcast, Jon discusses why it is so important to detox, why a full body detox is necessary for good health, and provides details on how to perform a colon detox, kidney detox/gallbladder flush, and blood cleansing/liver detox. 

Jon starts by defining what the word 'detox' means as he believes that it has become so widely misunderstood.  He also expresses why it's practically impossible to avoid toxins in today's society, even for those who are extremely good at sticking to organic lifestyles.  You will also find out why it's so important to perform intenstinal cleansing and a heavy metal detox before detoxing any of the other systems of the body. 

This enlightening podcast will not only empower you to cleanse your body properly and understand why it's so important, but it will also help you to understand many of the misleading statements made by the medical establishment about detoxification.  If you are interested, you can follow up by walking through the full body detox instructed in detail in our Self-Guided Detox Center!  Here's to your health!