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Patient Dissatisfaction with MDs

Doctors do not always provide patients with a full treatment disclosure of potential health hazards and surgery risks before performing procedures.

When going to the hospital for a surgical procedure — or to your doctor for any sort of treatment, for that matter — it is in your best interest to be armed with as much knowledge about it ahead of time as possible. And don’t be afraid to ask your doctor questions, because once you’ve had the procedure done, there is no turning back.  Oh, and new research has found that physicians do not always inform their patients voluntarily of all possible health hazards that might be faced.

The study took place at the University of Melbourne in Australia and was conducted by a team of scientists from both Australia and the United States.  The researchers evaluated 481 claims of malpractice as well as official complaints by Australian patients.  Every one of them was centered on an allegation of inadequate informed consent because of lack of risk disclosure. Jon Barron discusses this topic in regards to patient dissatisfaction with these practices.