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Jon Barron
Jon Barron is the main writer and editor for all content on The Baseline of Health Foundation’s website.  He first started writing “The Lifestyle Resources Newsletter” and “The Barron Report” in the early 1990s to inform doctors and health advocates about well-documented health findings, ultimately forming The Baseline of Health® Foundation and the Baseline of Health® Newsletter in 2001.  His newsletter is now read in over 100 countries.  His acclaimed health book, Lessons from the Miracle Doctors, is published in several languages (Estonian being the latest) and is currently found in several hundred libraries around the world (including medical school and hospital libraries). Jon Barron currently serves on the Medical Advisory Board of the prestigious Health Sciences Institute. Read more about Jon Barron here.


Beth Levine
Beth Levine is a writer and editor specializing in the health field.  She has worked for several health magazines including Fitnessand Diet and Exercise.  Additionally, Beth has written articles for numerous other publications, such as Woman’s World, Not Just Fitness, and Canoe and Kayak, and websites including GymAmerica.com. She received her B.A. in English from Binghamton University and her M.A. in Journalism from New York University.

Dr. Hiyaguha Cohen
Hiyaguha Cohen holds an MFA in Writing and a Ph.D. in Human Development and Professional Coaching. Her book-length publications include Boldly Live as You’ve Never Lived Before: Life Lessons from Star Trek (William Morrow/Avon Books, 1995), andThe No-Pain Resume Workbook (Business One Irwin, 1992), and she has been a contributing editor to health books such as ShrinkYourself: Break Free from Emotional Eating Forever (by Dr. Roger Gould) and Rodale Press publications.  She also worked on early drafts of “The Zone Diet” with Barry Sears.   In addition to her work as a writer, Dr. Cohen maintains a life-coaching practice utilizing energy-meridian healing modalities such as TAT to help clients release unproductive patterns and past traumas, and also works with people on weight-control issues. She has completed nine marathons and lives in Kauai.

Content Contributors

Bridget McQueen
Mrs. McQueen has over 15 years writing experience in marketing, communications, and public relations, with over 9 years in the health and wellness industry.  Her work has been published in industry publications, and many websites such asBaseline Nutritionals, Immersion, and PaymentOne, and can be found in press releases from Medtronic, Johnson & Johnson, Logitech, Philips Medical Systems, and more.  She has a strong passion for natural health and is an avid runner, biker, and skier.  Ms. McQueen holds a B.A. degree in Communications from San Jose State University, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with departmental honors.