Special Report | Natural Immune System Boosters

Building Your Immune System


Like clockwork, every few months I receive a number of questions on how to build the immune system. Usually, these questions split along three lines:

  1. What products do you have that build the immune system?
  2. I’ve heard that Colostrum or Transfer Factor or Alkyglycerol or MGN-3 (to name a few) are really helpful in building the immune system. Should I be using them?
  3. I know people who never get sick. How come they never get sick and I do?

In effect, all of these questions are really the same question; and that question is answered when we truly understand the Baseline of Health. So let’s take a quick walk through the Baseline of Health program and see how each system impacts the entire body.

The Baseline of Health Program® and Your Immune System

How good can your immune system be (taking all the supplements in the world that you want) if your colon is packed with 20 lbs of old fecal matter. A substantial portion of your immune system then has to combat the effects of self-toxicity. Clean up your intestinal tract, and you free up your immune system.

Beneficial bacteria manufacture potent immune boosters such as Transfer Factor and Lactoferrin right in your intestinal tract — if those beneficial bacteria are actually there. In other words, use a good probiotic and you substantially boost your immune system by increasing internal production of a number of powerful immune factors.

Taking systemic/proteolytic enzymes between meals relieves stress on the immune system by helping to eliminate Circulating Immune Complexes from the body.

Proper diet and nourishment boost your immune system. Each and every immune cell in your body is manufactured from the food you eat. A nutritionally deficient diet means functionally deficient immune cells. Liquid trace mineral supplements and living matrix vitamin supplements enhance the production of your body’s immune cells.

Immunomodualtors such as L-carnosine and CMO (cetyl-myristoleate) help keep the immune system properly programmed so it doesn’t attack itself.

Full spectrum antioxidant formulas boost the immune system in multiple ways. Just one example is Curcumin. In Immunological Investigations, 1999, Vol 28, Iss 5-6, pp 291-303 there are published studies that prove that Curcumin can increase white blood cell count by some 50% in just 12 days — not to mention circulating antibodies by some 512 times in the same timeframe.

Cleaning out the liver with a good liver detox program improves your liver’s ability to produce immune factors and remove bacteria from the blood. Cleaning out the blood with a good blood cleansing formula and balancing your blood’s pH with alkalinizing formulas or high pH water also helps to improve immune function.

And of course, immune boosting formulas and pathogen destroying formulas are specifically designed to improve immune function and directly destroy invading pathogens.

The mental exercises and visualizations outlined in the Baseline of Health Program can double immune function in as little as 24 hours. In addition, herbal immune relaxing formulas can dramatically reduce stress levels in the body, resulting in a dramatic increase in immune function — virtually overnight.

And finally, one of the primarily benefits of regular exercise, as recommended in the Baseline of Health Program, is an optimized immune system.

The bottom line is that no other program in the world works to enhance the immune system in as many ways as the Baseline of Health Program. It also works in the most targeted and efficient manner possible so that you don’t have to take 100 supplements to get a result — just deal with the major systems in the body.


To summarize what we’ve said about the advantage of the Baseline of Health system. How good can your immune system be (taking all the Transfer factor or Colostrum or Alkyglycerol or MGN-3 you want in the world) if your colon is packed with old fecal matter? How much benefit can these supplements be, if your liver is 80% shut down and your blood is filled with bacteria, viruses, circulating immune complexes, and sludge? Etc. Etc.

The bottom line is that you don’t have to chase the next hot “magic bullet” as long as you have optimized all of your major body systems.

PS: There’s one other factor to keep in mind. Your immune system has memory. If you are exposed to a pathogen (virus, bacteria, etc.), your immune system has memory of that pathogen and protects you against it (and its close cousins) at least for a few years. That means that some people who never seem to get sick, were exposed to cold and flu germs previously that are similar to those circulating about now. This gives them the appearance of invincibility. However, when exposed to a new pathogen, they quite likely will get sick as quickly as the next person.