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Find health articles and in-depth research of clinical studies in the alternative health industry through eight years of archived natural health newsletters. Studying under “miracle doctors” of all cultures, Jon Barron has integrated ancient health secrets to cutting-edge remedies into a comprehensive health program.  In the following natural health newsletters, these remedies are unveiled as well as the most current health conditions and concerns to empower you to take back control of your health and well-being.  

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Natural Health Newsletters from 2012

Check out Jon Barron’s special newsletter to the press and a series on the anatomy, physiology, and diseases of the urinary system. 

Natural Health Newsletters from 2011

Features a special series on Japan’s Nuclear Disaster, Vitamin D, Fats and Oils Made Simple, Oil Pulling Detox, Aspirin – What is it Good For, The Paleo Diet, another E. Coli Outbreak, and much more!

Natural Health Newsletters from 2010

Features a special series on liver health, anatomy of the small intestine, & physiology of the small intestine, and the Endocrine System. Also includes the following natural health topics: colon healthhealthcare disasters, calcium supplementation, organic food, & fast food of today.

Natural Health Newsletters from 2009

Features a special series on the anatomy of the respiratory system and a series on the digestive system. Also includes the following natural health topics: how to detox naturally, Swine Flu and Healthcare updates, stomach and pancreas health, healthy cholesterol levels, heart health, raw food, effects of caffeine, cancer prevention and research, gum disease, new green tea research and much more!

Natural Health Newsletters from 2008

Features a special series on hypo-allergenic protein supplementation and a series on probiotics! Also includes the following natural health topics: probiotic benefits, dangers of high fructose corn syrup, cancer epidemics on the rise, protein supplementation, medical failures & advancements, FDA issues, alternative health options, blood transfusions, childhood immunizations & vaccinations, pharmaceuticals in your drinking water, Tuberculosis, blood sugar levels, mercury in fish, how to improve and strengthen immune system, and understanding medical doctors.

Natural Health Newsletters from 2007

Features a special series on the cardiovascular system, a series on healthy grains and a series on health programs for disease and cancer prevention! Also includes the following natural health topics: the state of healthcare today, sleep quality, whole grains, kidney, gallbladder & pancreas care, health benefits of stevia, necessary dietary supplements, milk misconceptions, heart problems & natural health remedies, healthy dieting and natural weight loss, pain relief, antidepressants, stomach acid, exercise, MS, diabetes prevention, liver detox, probiotics and obesity.

Natural Health Newsletters from 2006

Features a special report on a clinically proven sugar metabolic enhancement formula! Also includes the following natural health topics: osteoporosis, Alzheimer’s, breast cancer issues, intestinal cleansing and disorders, trans fatty acids, medical care problems, FDA regulations, healthy salts, lymph system health, inescapable toxins, cancer & the immune system, testosterone, allergies, functional foods, super bacteria, colonics vs. colon detox, echinacea, fluoride, the mind/body connection, grocery stores and our buying patterns.

Natural Health Newsletters from 2005

Features a series on natural anti-aging programs and a series on healing energy! Also includes the following natural health topics: bird flu, antibiotics & antivirals, bioavailability of water, natural colon detox, heavy metal detox, green tea, dietary supplements studies, chronic joint pain, echinacea, antidepressants, how to prevent heart attacks, dairy dangers, chemotherapy and Codex.

Natural Health Newsletters from 2004

Features a series on your immune system and the flu, a series on antioxidants, a super food formula series and a series on low-carb craziness! Also includes the following natural health topics: ADD & ADHD, how to detox your liver, vitamin E, colon cancer, the pharmaceutical industry, FDA concerns, diabetes prevention, treatment & management, the medical fraternity, essential dietary supplements, cholesterol myths, trace minerals, heart problems, ephedra and SARS.

Natural Health Newsletters from 2003

Features a series on enzymes and a series on blood cleansing! Also includes the following natural health topics: asthma, the detox healing crisis, refined oils, dietary supplement safety act, calcium, diabetes epidemic, reverse aging, kava-kava, SARS, genetic engineering concerns, irradiation, dietary fats, your skin, anthrax and bio-terror threats.

Natural Health Newsletters from 2002

Features a series on a formula that strengthens the immune system and a series on a blood sugar stabilizing formula! Also includes the following natural health topics: anti-cancer supplements, magnetizing water, prostate cancer & flax seed, urinary tract infections, MS, liver & gallbladder flush, an explanation of cancer and the baseline of health program’s little miracles.