Antioxidants: When and When NOT to Use Them

Antioxidants: When and When NOT to Use Them
There is now a great deal of confusion and misleading information out there on antioxidants. For example:

Did you know that sometimes those same free radicals that age you and cause cancer are your body’s primary defense against cancer–and that using antioxidants incorrectly could kill you?

Or did you know that taking too much of one antioxidant can stop your body from using any other antioxidants?

The problem is that everyone involved with health and nutrition now does antioxidants. Even generic vitamin and MLM companies are mindlessly throwing them into their formulas–for label appeal. Unfortunately, they don’ know what they’re doing.

In his new video on antioxidants, Jon Barron explains everything you need to know when choosing and using antioxidant supplements.