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If you missed a recent bi-weekly newsletter from Jon Barron, don't fret! We have archived all the health newsletters below for your convenience. Scroll topics or if you are looking for specific health information, use our search field above. More than likely, Jon covered your topic in one of these health newsletters!

Year End Musings

Topics include; The FDA says no to raw milk, Fiber fails the test - or does it?, and Bird Flu...
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The Holiday Colon Cleanse

This report goes into full detail about the importance of intestinal and liver detoxification, especially after the Holiday season.
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Bird Flu Redux

Understand the reality of Bird Flu and find out what you can do to prepare yourself.
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Q & A With Jon 2005

Topics include: The 'Dangers' of herbs, Managing Allergies Naturally, Magnets, Chlorine in Swimming Pools, the Safety of using Microwave Ovens,...
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Dairy Diet Delusions

Now they say drinking milk can cause weight loss? Jon takes a look at who is delivering this statement and...
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Healing Energy, Part 2

In part 2 of this series, Jon helps us to understand the importance of energy by; explaining the fundamentals, energizing...
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Caloric Restriction

Jon first revisits the studies being published on Vitamin E and then goes in to caloric restriction, how it extends...
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The Nature of Aging, Part 4

Part 4 of this series touches base on; unbinding testosterone, the human growth hormone, DHEA supplementation, melatonin and the cautions...
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