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Niacin and Cholesterol

A recent study proving that niacin doesn't help prevent heart attacks and strokes actually rips the facade off one of the...
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Consistently Unhealthy

Why is it that in the world of "scientific" medicine, deeply ingrained beliefs (e.g. flu shots, statin drugs, antidepressants, hormone...
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E. Coli Outbreak

E. coli is back in the news and once again causing hysteria beyond its actual threat. Yes, this latest outbreak...
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The Paleo Diet

Diets come, and diets go. And like fashion, if you wait long enough, what is now out will eventually return...
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Predicting Diabetes

Earlier this month, Nature Magazine published the results of a study that found that a simple blood test can spot...
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Fats and Oils Made Simple

The world's establishment health experts still don't get it when it comes to fats and oils. They oversimplify and misrepresent...
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Growth of Cancer

Cancer has always been with us, but the important debate concerns whether or not its incidence has been constant throughout...
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