Brain Formula

Brain Formula

A brain formula is something I never actually thought of producing as it would not normally be considered an essential part of the Baseline of Health®.


Let me explain how the concept for this formula came about.

Since I am frequently traveling cross-country for speaking engagements, I often have morning lectures right after long flights. Being sharp and focused for a 3-hour presentation is not always easy under these conditions. So I worked to develop a “brain boosting” formula (sort of a juiced-up traditional formula) that I could take before going on stage that would instantly make me “more alert,” “sharper,” and with “memory enhanced” so that I could remember a 3-hour presentation without notes.

I came up with something that I code named “brain tonic” that worked wonderfully in this regard.

What happened is that people would see me just before I would go on stage squirting 2-3 droppersful of this “brain tonic” tincture into my mouth before talks and ask me what it was. They would then insist on trying it.

At first I thought it would be a novelty, and they would not actually want any for themselves. I was wrong. After people tried it, many begged for a supply. And for awhile we obliged, selling off some of the left overs from my personal supply. It all became more interesting, though, as the testimonials started streaming in from the several dozen people who were using the formula. For example:

  • “After years of suffering gradual memory loss from the effects of MS, Brain Tonic has given me back the ability to concentrate and stay sharply focused on whatever I’m doing. My mind is crystal clear! My dreams are more vivid and I can even remember very early days of my childhood.”
  • “I am a schizophrenic and have been hospitalized five times since 1980 for mental illness. Since I began taking Brain Grain six months ago, I am thinking more clearly, and my mind is much more focused. My psychiatrist has taken me off one third of my medications.”
  • “Brain Tonic was my ace in the whole while going to law school. I was willing to share all of the other Healing America products with my classmates — but not the Brain Tonic. It really cleared up my mind, like lifting it out of a fog, and allowed me to ace my exams and graduate at the top of my class. Law school is just too competitive to share a secret like that.”
  • Etc.

Unfortunately, the numbers started getting too big, so I no longer can sell it informally. And yet the numbers weren’t large enough to justify larger commercial runs. At some point, I my actually update the formula and formally manufacture it and sell it through Baseline Nutritionals But for now, let me tell you what’s in the limited run versions I still produce for myself so you can look on your own for other formulas that contain comparable ingredients.

What’s in Brain Tonic?

  • Gingko Leaf has been studied extensively in Europe for its ability to widen blood vessels and increase oxygen and blood flow to the brain. It has been linked to improvements in memory and mental alertness and has been used to treat or improve mental efficiency, alertness, and the ability to concentrate. Ginkgo also acts as an antioxidant and is particularly active in preventing oxidative damage to the brain.
  • Gotu Kola Leaf has been referred to as “food for the brain.” This Ayurvedic herb has demonstrated the ability to improve mental functions such as concentration and memory. It has a calming effect on the body and is chiefly used to support the central nervous system. In effect, regular use of Gotu kola can rebuild mental energy reserves. And finally, Gotu kola can be helpful in dealing with ADD, since it increases the ability to focus while having an overall soothing and relaxing effect on the nervous system.
  • Calamus Root is traditionally used for its ability to “stimulate” the mind and evoke a cheerful mood. Years ago, Canadian trappers regularly chewed it as a stimulant whenever tired – a trick they learned from the Cree Indians, who used calamus, to fight the effects of exhaustion or fatigue, and to help cure or prevent hangovers.
  • Rosemary Leaf is a valuable circulatory stimulant, with a particular affinity for cerebral circulation. It is a stimulating tonic herb for those suffering from depression or nervous exhaustion – and is extremely helpful in improving memory and concentration. In fact, that is why Rosemary is traditionally let at gravesides and handed to the bereaved – for remembrance.
  • Kola Nut contains 1.5-2% caffeine, plus theobromine (an alkaloid similar to caffeine) that increases cerebral circulation. Kola promotes better concentration and a “clearing” of the head. Because so little Kola nut is consumed in this formula, and because it goes straight to the brain, it’s stimulatory effect in this formula is limited to the brain and has very little impact on the adrenals, unlike coffee.
  • Cayenne is used as a catalyst in many herbal formulas. It helps to drive the other herbs into the bloodstream. In this case, when used in a tincture that is taken sublingually, it pushes the other herbs directly into the brain, which is one of the reasons this formula is so effective. Unfortunately, it also makes the formula “spicy.” I’ve worked with the people at Royal Botanicals to bring down the cayenne to the minimum level needed to be effective. It’s much less spicy than the version I’ve been using (and enjoying) for the last two years (actually, about 1/3 the cayenne), but just as effective.
  • Periwinkle is used as a cerebral vasodilator for enhancing mental alertness. It increases blood flow to the brain and improves its oxygenation. Vinpocetine, the extract of the periwinkle plant, has over 100 clinical trials proving that periwinkle improves cerebral metabolism, increases cerebral blood flow, increases use of glucose and oxygen in the brain, increases seratonin levels, and much more.
  • Limonene is the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind. pH balanced limonene is a special form of limonene that has some remarkable health properties. Its inclusion in this formula is primarily based on its extraordinary solvent capabilities that make all of the other ingredients in the formula instantly available to your body.
  • And recently, I added Bacopa monniera to the mix. A classic brain and nerve herb, Bacopa has been used effectively for hundreds of years as a brain and nervous system restorer. It is known to increase mental clarity and promote improved memory and intelligence. It also assists in heightening mental acuity and supports the physiological processes involved in relaxation. Bacopa is thought to help nourish neurons as it restores depleted synaptic activity. Studies have indicated that Bacopa can help. And the most interesting of the many effects of Bacopa is its ability to help increase novelty-seeking behavior, an attribute of intelligence associated with increased mental pleasure and increased lifespan.


  • Improved memory
  • Clearing of the head
  • Enhanced concentration
  • Alertness
  • Rebuilds mental reserves

And the effects are cumulative. The more you use it, the better it works – and the more lasting its effects

Proof That It Works

Energy field photography shows that it can take your brain from a low-energy state to a high-energy state in a matter of seconds..

Before Tincture

10 Seconds After Tincture

Before Tincture

10 Seconds After Tincture


Any brain tonic formual that uses ingredients similar to those described above should not be used with MAO-inhibitors. They are also best avoided by people suffering from high blood pressure and epilepsy, or while pregnant.


Again, I do not produce this formula commercially for any company, Baseline Nutritionals included — as yet. However, if you search on the net, you will find some companies that do produce similar, or related, formulas of this type.