Tag: Herbal Remedies and Their Uses

Pomegranate Fights Cancer

A study published in Cancer Prevention Research found 10 phytochemicals in pomegranates that seem to inhibit the growth of estrogen-responsive...
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Red Clover

Red clover has a long history of not just medicinal use for cough and cancer, but, on a whole different...
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When Medications Die

Do those expiration dates stamped on your meds really mean anything? Does it matter if your pill is a few...
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Bio-Terror Threats

At the present time, your chances of getting anthrax or smallpox from a terrorist are not very significant. On the...
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Chimpanzee Medicine

Researchers in Uganda are trying to learn something new about healing by studying what chimpanzees eat when ill.
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Aromatherapy Untapped

There's a lot more potential for aromatherapy than most of us realize, and that potential has barely been tapped according...
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Nettle Herb

Nettle herb, or Urtica dioica, is found in every single state in the US except Hawaii. While most consider it...
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