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A piece of me is very uncomfortable writing this report – not wanting to give the problem more power than it warrants, and truly, at the moment, it warrants very little. At the present time, your chances of getting anthrax or smallpox from a terrorist are not very significant. On the other hand, if you happen to be one of the unfortunate ones – or if the scale of the threat should increase dramatically, then you need to know how to protect yourself if, for some reason, medical treatment was not readily available.

Let’s deal with the two issues separately.

Anthrax & Natural Treatments

Anthrax is a bacterium (Bacillus anthracis). It has two primary attack points in the human body: through cuts in the skin and inhaled through the lungs. Of the two, inhaled anthrax is far more deadly and is almost always fatal without treatment. Overall, the mortality rate for anthrax is about 80% without treatment. The bottom line is that anthrax is highly lethal, 100,000 times more lethal than any chemical warfare agent in fact.

On the other hand, it is not infectious. It cannot be transferred from one person to another. Symptoms can appear anywhere from 2-60 days after exposure, depending on the state of your immune system. (And that’s a very key point.) The problem with treating anthrax is that treatment really needs to begin BEFORE any symptoms appear — which makes it kind of difficult to know when to get traditional treatments. Initial signs of inhaled anthrax are flu-like symptoms, dry hacking cough, low-grade fever and weakness. Treatment entails the use of antibiotics (the current favorite being Cipro), which both helps kill the bacteria and helps keep patients alive until their immune system can build up immunity and finish the job.

So what can we do about protecting ourselves from anthrax? Well,

  • One of the key benefits of the Baseline of Health program is that it optimizes your immune system in many ways; from building up the beneficial bacteria in your intestinal tract that provide up to 40% of your immune function, to cleaning out the circulating immune complexes in your blood that compromise immune function. So, number 1, get on the entire Baseline of Health program.
  • Use an Echinacea formula because Echinacea specifically kills anthrax. If at any point you feel ill, up your dosage by a factor of several times a day.
  • Use a high quality antioxidant formula or a whey formula designed to raise your glutathione levels. For special occasions, up your dosage.
  • Either incorporate several cloves of garlic into your daily regimen, or start taking regular doses of a high quality garlic supplement. If at any point you feel ill, you can up your dosage by a factor of several times. Why is that important? Because as the Garlic Information Center of Great Britain says:

“Garlic is the only antibiotic that can actually kill infecting bacteria and at the same time protect the body from the poisons that are causing the infection. It is known that the most sensitive bacterium to garlic is the deadly Bacillus anthracis, which produces the poison anthrax. Even the forefather of antibiotic medicine Louis Pasteur acknowledged garlic to be as effective as penicillin, and late studies showed similar activity to a more modern antibiotic, chloramphenicol. Even the blood of garlic eaters can kill bacteria; and it is also reported that the vapor from freshly cut garlic can kill bacteria at a distance of 8 inches!!”

In addition, studies have shown that garlic may very well be a more potent antibiotic than penicillin, ampicillin, streptomycin, doxycycline, and cephalexin, some of the very same antibiotic drugs used at various times in the treatment of anthrax. Note: whatever evidence exists is for whole garlic, not deodorized garlic capsules and tablets.

And finally, keep a bottle of colloidal silver on hand. At any time symptoms appear, you can put the colloidal silver in a nebulizer so that you inhale the colloidal silver directly into your lungs.

Smallpox & Natural Treatments

Unlike anthrax, smallpox is a virus. It is not as deadly as anthrax, killing only about 5-30% of those infected (depending on the strain). However, it has one feature that makes it particularly alarming; it is contagious. It spreads rapidly from person to person. At one time, everyone was vaccinated for smallpox (which provided protection for approximately 10 years). However, since smallpox was officially declared “extinct,” no one has been vaccinated for a number of years now; and, potentially (at least theoretically), every person living in the United States is once again now vulnerable.

The recommendation for smallpox is the same as for anthrax, with a couple of modifications.

  • First, like with Anthrax, you want to keep your immune system at peak levels. Historically, in every smallpox epidemic, a significant percentage of the population was never infected (and not just those who had been exposed to cowpox at some point in their lives). The simple fact is that those with strong immune systems were very resistant to smallpox infection. That means taking an Echinacea based immune boosting formula, a garlic based anti-pathogen formula, and acemannan based polysaccharide formula on a regular basis (in fact, the whole Baseline of Health) offers the best defense you can manage.
  • There is some evidence (although the evidence is mixed) that garlic can kill smallpox. But whatever evidence exists is for whole garlic, not deodorized garlic capsules and tablets. If you were ever infected with smallpox, you would have nothing to lose by consuming large amounts of garlic.
  • Inhaling the colloidal silver is less meaningful with smallpox. However, applying colloidal silver directly to smallpox sores, along with a touch of Pain Away to facilitate transport through the skin, might be helpful. This is also one of the few cases where taking colloidal silver orally might make sense. Normally, I don’t recommend taking colloidal silver orally on a regular basis since it kills all bacteria — the good as well as the bad. However, if you have smallpox, that is a secondary concern, and you can always rebuild the intestinal flora after the smallpox is gone.
  • Make sure you are also using a red raspberry extract formula (which you should be anyway as part of the Baseline of Health) because of its ability to inhibit viruses.
  • And finally, I would be inclined to take 12 droppersful a day of a good blood cleansing formula