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Cancer: The Big Lie

In April, Jon gave a talk on cancer that many people in the health industry are now calling the “definitive explanation of the disease” in the world today. Actually, it was much more than that; it was a definitive explanation of the Baseline of Health® in action. Unfortunately, even though the talk was recorded and CDs were made available to convention participants, very few of those CDs have, as yet, made their way to the public at large. In fact, most of you on this mailing list have not had a chance to hear it for yourself. So, for this issue of the newsletter, I have placed the call on the web so that you can listen to it at your convenience. I have reduced the file size of the file as much as possible so that unless you have a very slow connection, you will be able to listen to it with very little buffering. If it buffers too much on your computer, feel free to download the file and listen to it directly off of your hard drive. Just make sure you’re connected to the internet and click below.