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Date: 06/09/2009    Written by: Jon Barron

Green Tea Blocks AIDS

Green Tea, HIV

It's fun to imagine the conversation that led to the discovery that applying green tea to the vagina blocks the transmission of AIDS. ("Sweetheart, are you going to drink your Sencha or use it vaginally?") But in fact, the research that found that an antioxidant in green tea neutralizes a protein in sperm that can carry the HIV virus took place in the lab, not at high tea. In fact, back in 2003, an article in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology reported that Epigallocatechin Gallate (EGCG), found in green tea, prevents HIV from binding to T-cells. EGCG is the same component that confers the various other health benefits derived from green tea, such as cancer prevention. Although the researchers knew back then that EGCG inhibited HIV in test tubes, they didn't yet have a formulation that could be used in real life.

But now it looks like researchers at the University of Heidelberg in Germany have developed a practical way to use EGCG to fend off AIDS. After finding that sperm contains a peptide that essentially escorts the HIV virus to the entry point in healthy cells so that it can infect them, they ran tests in the lab and verified that when HIV-infected semen was exposed to healthy cells in the presence of ECCG, the EGCG blocked the HIV-enhancing peptide. The researchers believe that topical vaginal creams containing EGCG could be developed and used as a "simple and affordable prevention method."

"EGCG, a natural ingredient of green tea, may be a valuable and cost-efficient inhibitor of semen-mediated enhancement of virus infection, and hence of sexual transmission of HIV," the scientists wrote in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Scientists have been experimenting with the derivatives of many natural substances as HIV inhibitors, but most fail when moved from the lab to living subjects, or else they only work at toxic doses. In lab tests, it appears that low doses of EGCG are effective, and that EGCG is non-toxic even at very high doses, and so human tests are on the horizon. Plus, scientists hope that because EGCG derives from a natural substance, it will remain effective even if the virus undergoes changes.

Like all viruses, the HIV virus has the capacity to mutate. This means that synthetic drugs, which typically contain just one active ingredient, eventually fail when the virus finds a way around that ingredient. And so, researchers have been investigating a host of natural substances -- not just EGCG -- as HIV solutions. Bevirimat, found in birch-tree bark, currently is being looked at as a possible AIDS intervention, and raltegravir, an existing AIDS medication, derives from green coffee beans.

But researchers may be missing the point. Natural substances such as green tea or birch bark "each" contain multiple active ingredients and so they stand up to viral mutations -- including HIV mutations -- far better than single bullet approaches. However, it should be pointed out that if the cream is based on an extract of pure EGCG, rather than the full polyphenol complex as found in green tea, the chances of the HIV virus being able to mutate around it increase exponentially. The value of natural substances lies in the diversity of biochemicals they each contain. When natural extracts are purified down to a single bio-chemical, they have been effectively turned into one dimensional drugs and lost much of their value. Doing this for multiple natural substances does not change the fundamental underlying equation.

Meanwhile, researchers are looking to EGCG for applications beyond AIDS prevention. In a study published this week in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, a team from the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota announced that in clinical tests, leukemia patients given high doses of EGCG experienced significant improvements, including a 50-percent reduction in the size of swollen lymph nodes and a lowered lymphocyte count.

A 2008 study out of the University of Mississippi found that EGCG reduced the growth of breast tumors in mice by more than 65 percent. In that study, the EGCG simply was infused into water that the mice drank. Earlier studies have found EGCG effective against Alzheimer's disease, prostate tumor growth, obesity, clogged arteries, diabetes, arthritis, and more.

Scientists caution that drinking green tea by the bucketful won't necessarily cure cancer nor prevent AIDS, although they do note that two cups of tea contain enough EGCG to cut the binding action of HIV by 40 percent. But, they warn, to prevent AIDS, the EGCG needs to be delivered to the HIV-binding cells and not dispersed throughout the system, and so a more targeted approach is necessary -- thus the vaginal crème methodology. The same principal applies to using EGCG to shrink tumors, according to the scientific community.

But you don't need a vaginal cream (particularly if you're male), or a pharmaceutical derivative to reap the benefits of EGCG. Plenty of studies have shown that those who drink lots of green tea or who take the full complex in supplement form do experience powerful health benefits. How nice that I've included it in my ultimate antioxidant formulas for nigh on two decades.


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    Submitted by Annie on
    July 19, 2009 - 4:57pm

    I totally agree with all of the above. HIV does not cause so-called AID$, and in fact, HIV has never even been isolated in a human being. It's worth listening to Dr.Rasnick's 3 Part interview: THE AIDS BLUNDER! 'aids dissidents' Copies of Robert Gallo's deliberately & criminally falsified documentation is available at: or presented & discussed at length during Gary Null's 11 Sept 2008 Press Conference in New York, with Janine Roberts the world renowned UK investigative journalist who uncovered authenticicated copies of these fraudulent documents. Google : It's also high time that this 25 year blatant LIE was finally exposed & stopped, & since main stream media constantly refuse to assist, it's up to each of us to do our share. Warmest regards from South Africa! [email protected]~

    Submitted by David Crowe on
    July 19, 2009 - 5:09pm

    There are many, many questions about the viral theory of AIDS. Are the tests accurate? How were they validated without HIV being purified? Are antibody tests appropriate as proof of current infection (as opposed to past exposure)? Is sexual transmission proven.
    And that's without even getting into the toxicity of the drugs.
    There is a lot of scientific information at Rethinking AIDS is run by a board mostly of senior scientists who have been opposing the HIV=AIDS dogma for years.
    If I can help provide information, let me know.
    - David Crowe, President, Rethinking AIDS. +1-403-289-6609

    Submitted by David Lowenfels on
    July 7, 2009 - 4:10am

    I second what Johan says. There is no firm evidence for a viral etiology of HIV, and there is much documentation to support this if you would do some basic research. All tests for HIV occur in test tubes and look at non-specific secondary markers which have never been proven to be exogenous.
    Furthermore, the claim that the virus mutates so much is ludicrous, as so much mutation and it would no longer be the same species. Humans and pigs are closer than the different strains of so-called HIV.
    The best explanation for the ""HIV phenomenon"" is available in Dr. Heinrich Kremer's book at
    It involves the Th1/Th2 cytokine balance and mitochondriopathy due to toxic/oxidative stressors of all kinds (psychological, antibiotics, heavy metals, etc)
    You can also read a summary I wrote, which was published in the Townsend letter in 2006:
    ""The Dual Strategy of the Immune Response: A review of Heinrich Kremer's research on the pathophysiology of AIDS, cancer, and other chronic immune imbalances."" Townsend Letter, June 2006.

    Submitted by Johan on
    June 15, 2009 - 1:08am

    Three well known natural health profiles (Robert Scott Bell, Joseph Mercola and Mike Adams) have all stated that HIV does NOT cause AIDS, and more than 2600 other professionals have so as well :
    When is it your turn to change your mind?

    Submitted by Martha on
    July 21, 2009 - 1:32am

    Thanks Sonia for your input. I too LOVE DR. Mercola and John Barron for all the great and FREE advice they give, but I musy say I lost all confidence in Mike Adams afetr he so blatently went after everyones pocketbooks in the swine flu scare. Scare mongering is what he likes to do best to pay his mortgage on his home in vilcabamba. He should come back and live in the USA and stop trying to persuade people from moving there and getting them to drink his kool-aide.

    Submitted by sonia on
    July 8, 2009 - 11:41am

    I really love john Barron, Mike adams and Dr Mercola. There in my prayers

    Submitted by Charlie Dean on
    January 12, 2015 - 4:08pm
    Brisbane , Texas

    Until now I have not heard about Raltegravir, and that it is an AIDS medication, derived from green coffee beans. I was interested in how they are testing green tea for AIDS prevention. Everyday I discover more and more health benefits of green tea and green coffee beans for uses that I had not considered I will do some more research now and add this it to my blog greencoffeebean-extract which I started after a long journey where I battled both type 2 diabetes and being overweight. Thanks for another great provocative article keep them coming.

    Submitted by daytwaun tremaine hair on
    January 30, 2019 - 9:48am
    laurinburg , North Carolina

    The heath benefits a person receives from green tea depends on proper body chemistry. consuming green tea without pure sugar and massive salt; will make way for rapid healing only placing that which activates the t cells green tea can heal diseases. there is a cure for every disease.

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