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Missing Gallbladder, Lost Functions

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Gallbladder Removed Question:

I had my gallbladder removed several years ago and just haven’t felt the same since. What can I do to better my health?


You definitely need to make up for the lost functions of the gallbladder when it comes to digestion. You might want to consider using digestive enzymes and ox bile tablets with your meals to aid in the breakdown of fats — a function normally provided by the gallbladder.

And keep in mind, even with your gallbladder missing, you can receive major benefit from a liver detox. In most cases, removing the gallbladder doesn’t actually get rid of the problem — just the place the symptoms show up. The problem usually is that liver function is compromised and the bile the liver produces is too thick and “sludgy” so it forms stones in the gallbladder before it can pass out through the bile duct. If you don’t clean the liver out, the thickened bile will eventually “harden” and destroy areas of the liver, in much the same way it formed stones in the gallbladder.