Muira Puama Tree

Muira Puama

Viagra of the Amazon

Muira puama is one of the most active botanicals, with a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, general health improver, and remedy for impotence and sexual insufficiency. Often referred to as the "Viagra of the Amazon," muira puama has long been considered an effective natural therapeutic approach for loss of libido in both sexes. A flowering plant native to the Amazon rainforest, its name means "potency wood."

Muira Puama Natural Healing Uses Around the World

Muira puama is so popular that it is used around the world in herbal medicine. For instance, in Brazil and South America, it is used as a neuromuscular tonic, for asthenia, paralysis, chronic rheumatism, sexual impotence, grippe, ataxia, and central nervous system disorders. It is also considered to help boost physical performance. In England, it is still listed in the British Herbal Pharmacopoeia, where it is recommended for the treatment of dysentery and impotence. In the US, it is gaining more popularity and is considered by some to be the "new" yohimbe, but with considerably fewer negative side effects.

Muira Puama for Naturally Increased Libido

The benefits of addressing impotence with muira puama have been studied in two human trials in France, which reported that muira puama was effective in improving libido and addressing erectile dysfunction. In a Paris study of 262 male patients who experienced lack of sexual desire and the inability to attain or maintain an erection, 62% of the patients with loss of libido reported that the extract of muira puama "had a dynamic effect," and 51% of patients with erectile dysfunction felt that muira puama was beneficial. It may not be Viagra, but studies show it helps. And it’s not just men. A study published in Advances in Therapy found that muira puama produced a 65% improvement in all aspects of libido and sexual activity in and pre- and postmenopausal women. These reasons are in part why you’ll find muira puama in both Jon Barron’s Men’s Formula and Women’s Formula.

Muira Puama for Natural Stress, Fatigue and Trauma Relief

Men's Formula From Baseline Nutritionals

However, addressing impotency isn’t the only health benefit associated with this herb. In other recent clinical research, muira puama extracts have been reported to have in vivo adaptogenic, anti-fatigue, anti-stress, and central nervous system effects in humans and animals. Used as a nervous system tonic, the herb may also help with treating mild exhaustion, stress and trauma.

Muira Puama for Weight Management

Other studies show that it may play a role in reducing body fat percentage, increasing lean muscle mass, and lowering cholesterol in humans and animals with long-term use (and with no toxicity noted).

Muira Puama for Stomach & Other Issues

In addition, it may also be helpful in treating gastrointestinal and reproductive disorders. According to WebMD, the herb has also been used for "an upset stomach, menstrual disorders, joint pain (rheumatism), and paralysis caused by poliomyelitis; and as a general tonic and an appetite stimulant."

How to Take Muira Puama

The herb is most effectively taken as an alcohol-based tincture, as it contains a resin that is not easily soluble in water. This makes capsules and tea forms less effective. This is also why Jon Barron uses this muira puama in an alcohol-based tincture formula instead of a capsule.

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