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Energy Drink Side Effects and Prolonged Caffeine Intake

Before reaching for a Red Bull or Monster, you might want to consider possible energy drink side effects discussed in this installment of Healthy Trends podcast. While they may give you an instant rush, a recent study shows that they might make you rush to the dentist. Caffeine side effects are also discussed. 

Need a dose of energy? Listen up before opening wide and chugging down that energy drink. 

A study conducted at the Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine analyzing the affect of energy drinks on tooth enamel showed a correlation between the amount of acid in the drinks and tooth decay. Extracted teeth were submerged in different drinks for 15 minutes and then saliva extract for two hours. This was done over a period of five days, four times a day. Enamel loss was measured at the completion of the experiment. 

Results showed that energy drink side effects include enamel loss, one of the causes of tooth decay. All 22 drinks (13 sports drinks, 9 energy drinks) caused enamel loss with energy drinks causing twice the amount of erosion (3 percent vs. 1.5 percent) as sports drinks. 

Acid is not the only ingredient in energy drinks that can potentially have adverse side effects on your health. Jon Barron also discusses the amount of caffeine in the energy drinks, how the molecule interacts with your body’s systems, and what prolonged caffeine exposure can mean for your health.