Dietary Supplements & Lessons From the Miracle Doctors | Health Podcast

Jon Barron and Joyce Riley Talk Dietary Supplements

Jon Barron guest stars in Joyce Riley’s talk show, The Power Hour, and discusses the benefits of dietary supplements, overall nutrition and how it can affect a person’s well-being, and the information found in Lessons From the Miracle Doctors.

In this week’s podcast, Jon Barron guest stars on Joyce Riley’s The Power Hour to talk about the benefits of dietary supplements and the information she’s learned from Jon Barron’s book, Lessons From the Miracle Doctors.

Riley speaks about her daily regimen of Barron’s nutritional supplements and Private Reserve, a balanced meal in a drink explained by Barron as a “complement of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, designed to contain enough protein so you can truly live on it…to provide the omega-3 fatty acids in the proper balance, the long-chain carbohydrates for long-lasting energy…and phytochemicals, the things that plants develop for their own defense, their own health, that work in much the same way for us.”