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Date: 02/26/2011

Successful Placebos

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A recent study conducted by scientists at Harvard University proves that placebos can be effective treatment tools without having to deceive patients. Needless to say, if a harmless placebo can do the trick -- whether it's because of the power of positive thinking or the reassurance of carrying out a medical routine endorsed by a health care provider -- that is a better option than taking a prescription drug that may have you feeling worse than the original illness.  Numerous earlier studies have shown that between 30 and 40 percent of patients taking placebos report improvements to their conditions, but that was when they were deceived, when they were not aware they were not being medicated. But the latest study showed that you can almost double that rate of improvement if you tell patients that they are taking a placebo!  How could it be that these placebos are helping people despite them knowing they are simply empty pills?  Listen to this natural health podcast for more information!