• 11/10/2018
    Parkinson’s disease may actually begin nowhere near the brain. New research has linked it to a problem in the gut.
  • 8/23/2018
    Did you ever notice that for some people losing weight seems relatively easy, while for others, even shedding just a couple of pounds is a struggle?   New research suggests that the successful dieters being helped along by the bacteria in their gut.
  • Probiotics for Depression | Natural Health Blog
    Researchers are now discovering that there might be a surprising factor in the onset of everything from depression and anxiety to PTSD and even autism.
  • 2/18/2018
    When you are healthy, over 100 trillion microorganisms, from some 400 different species, flourish in your intestinal tract, aiding in digestion, absorption, and the production of significant amounts of B vitamins and enzymes.
  • Why Probiotics in Pregnancy | Natural Health Blog
    If you are pregnant, be sure to add probiotics to your diet.  New research suggests that they may help prevent two serious complications.
  • Oral Bacteria and Esophageal Cancer | Natural Health Blog
    Tooth decay concerns? The latest research shows that gum disease appears to increase the chance of an esophageal cancer diagnosis.
  • When Medications & Supplements Expire | Health Blog
    Do those expiration dates stamped on your meds really mean anything? Does it matter if your pill is a few months or a few years past its prime? And if it turns out that all your old medications should be tossed, exactly how should you dispose of them?
  • Do Probiotic Supplements Work | Natural Health Newsletter
    There is substantial evidence that gut bacteria are responsible to a large degree for the state of your health
  • New Food Allergies Develop in Adults
    Many think of allergies as a youth-onset condition, most of us hardly expect to suddenly become allergic to foods we’ve enjoyed our entire lives on our 30th or 60th birthday. But adult-onset allergies occur with more frequency than you might expect.
  • Importance of Taking Daily Probiotics | Natural Health Newsletter
    Claiming, as does the WebMD article, that 13,000 studies supporting the benefit of probiotics in improving health is not enough to give us some sense of surety, seems, to say the least, a bit contrarian
  • probiotics for allergy sufferers
    A recent study has found that probiotics may successfully ease the symptoms and severity of allergic rhinitis (aka seasonal allergies).
  • 9/16/2013
    Alfalfa has been eaten for centuries by people seeking a rich source of minerals and vitamins. The leaves and seeds are both used to make an herbal supplement.
  • Benefits of Probiotics for a Healthy Immune System
    Don’t chase after gimmicks. If you decide to eat things like probiotic enhanced cereals, cookies, or candy, do it because you like the taste, not because you believe it will provide any benefit.
  • 7/9/2012
    Healthy people share their bodies with more than 10,000 species of microbes -- living on our skin, in the mucous membrane of our noses and mouths, and most notably, throughout the length and breadth of our intestinal tracts. These microbes are not just helpful; they are essential. Quite simply, we cannot live without a healthy microbial population living in and on our bodies. And yet, we are constantly attacking and destroying it.
  • red wine and digestive probiotics
    In a recent study, in addition to increasing probiotics in the gut by drinking red wine, subjects reduced systolic and diastolic blood pressure by a significant margin. They also reduced total cholesterol, HDL, and C-reactive protein (a marker for inflammation present in the blood).
  • 5/14/2009
    A new study offers yet another reason to take probiotics - if you're pregnant. The study of 256 expectant women found that those who took probiotics in the first trimester of pregnancy had less belly fat a year after giving birth than those who didn't take the supplements.
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