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Optimum Method

If you have the time, the best method for doing the colon detox is to take one scoop of Colon Detoxifier powder a day with 8 ounces of juice — indefinitely, or at least until your first canister is gone (about 30 days). With one scoop of detoxifier, you may (or may not) need to take a colon corrective formula with it to prevent constipation. The advantage of the daily method is that you are soothing, healing, cleansing, and detoxifying your colon every single day. In addition, if your detoxifying formula has anti-fungal herbs such as Pau d’arco in it, it will help control candida on a daily basis.

Note: A good way to take the Detoxifier powder is to use an empty 16 ounce juice bottle. Pour in 2-3 ounces of juice (grape works nicely). Add water to the 8 ounce mark. Then add the scoop of Detoxifier powder. Shake thoroughly and drink down. Rinse the bottle and reuse as required.

Accelerated Method — For Those Who Need Fast Results

Day 1

Start with one capsule of Colon Corrective during, or just after, dinner. This formula works best when mixed with food.

Day 2

In the morning, you should notice an increase in your bowel action and in the amount of fecal matter you eliminate. The consistency should also be softer. If you do not notice any difference in your bowel behavior (or the difference wasn’t dramatic), increase your evening dosage to two capsules.

Days 3-7

You can continue to increase your dosage of Colon Corrective by one capsule each evening until you notice a dramatic difference in the way your bowel works. By the end of the first week, you should know what your dosage is. If not, then remain on the Colon Corrective for as long as necessary to get regulated before you go to the next step (the Colon Detoxifier).

Remember, it has taken most of us years to create a sluggish bowel; so let’s be patient for a few days and increase our dosage of Colon Corrective by just one capsule a day — only.

Days 8-14

One hour after a light breakfast, take 1 level scoop of Colon Detoxifier with at least 8 oz of diluted juice. Repeat 1/2 hour before lunch, a couple of hours after lunch, 1/2 hour before dinner, and 1 hour before bed — for a total of 5 scoops a day.

Note: A good way to take the Detoxifier powder is to use an empty 16 ounce juice bottle. Pour in 2-3 ounces of juice (grape works nicely). Add water to the 8 ounce mark. Then add the scoop of Detoxifier powder. Shake thoroughly and drink down. Rinse the bottle and reuse as required.

Make sure you continue to take your Colon Corrective capsules as usual, but increase the dosage you established for yourself during the first week by one additional capsule. If you feel at all “bound” by the Colon Detoxifier, you can increase your dosage of Colon Corrective as much as necessary.

It is helpful to drink additional liquid after each dose of Colon Detoxifier (at least 8 ounces). Also, be sure and drink plenty of pure water, herb teas, and diluted fruit and vegetable juices during the 2-week Intestinal Cleansing and Detoxification program. A good amount is 64-128 ounces of liquid a day. This makes the program more effective.


When you’ve finished the Intestinal Cleansing and Detoxification 2-week program, it is time to go on intestinal maintenance. Continue taking the 3 tbs. of organic flax seed ground up and mixed with juice on a daily basis that you were taking while detoxing to help heal your intestinal tract and to provide your daily fiber needs. It is also recommended that you continue using a good probiotic formula on a daily basis to maintain proper intestinal flora.

Throughout the Year

In an ideal world, we would never have to clean and detoxify our colons again. Unfortunately, the same lifestyle that caused the problem in the first place will eventually cause it again. As a preventative therapy, it makes sense to redo the 2-week Intestinal Cleansing and Detoxification program 2-4 times a year along with daily use of ground flax seed and a good probiotic

Regular use of this three-part program will help keep your body in optimal health and vitality for as long as you live.

Good luck and Good Health!

Frequently asked questions concerning the Intestinal Cleansing Program

Do I really have to do 7 days on the Corrective before I start the Detoxifer?

Not necessarily. The purpose of the first week is to find out how much Corrective your body needs. If you find you only need one or two capsules you could start after 3 or 4 days on the Corrective. If you’ve already done a Detox or used the Corrective before, you could just start right in with the Detoxifier. On the other hand, some people may have to spend more than a week on the Corrective to find the level that works for them. In a couple of cases, I have seen people require up to 19 or 20 Correctives before it started to work. (Note: for these people, within a year or so after starting on the Corrective and getting their colons working again, they were able to totally wean themselves off the formula — needing it only on special occasions, when traveling, for example.)

What is a normal bowel movement?

A normal bowel movement is soft and unformed. It should break apart when it hits the water — or at least when flushed. This is not to be confused with diarrhea, which is characterized by water.

What should I do if, while using the Colon Corrective, I have diarrhea or stools with NO consistency?

Reduce the dose of Colon Corrective until your stools establish some consistency.

How often should I have bowel movements?

2-3 times a day, or once for every major meal you had the day before.

How do I know when I’m taking the right dose of Colon Corrective? What is the dramatic difference you’re talking about?

It’s when you sit down on the toilet and say, “WOW!” It’s when you finish and look down and say, “Did all that just come from me?” In other words, if you have to ask if you’re taking enough, then you’re probably not.

Can I become addicted to the herbs in Colon Corrective?

Unlike harsh chemical laxatives, it’s practically impossible to become addicted to natural herbs. Not only are these herbs not addictive, they actually work to strengthen bowel function. In fact, there is no problem with continuing to use Colon Corrective indefinitely, even after finishing the Intestinal Health Program.

Is it normal to experience gas and bloating?

If you were to start a car that had been sitting idle in the garage for years, you would not expect it to start right up. You would expect to have to crank it over several times. You would expect it to blow some smoke, to backfire several times, maybe even shoot some flames out the tail pipe — but then settle down and begin to purr. Your bowel is no different. Gas and bloating are the smoking and backfiring of the bowel. Work through it. Once you have rebuilt your bowel function, your intestinal tract will begin to purr like a well-tuned engine.

Why am I experiencing rectal bleeding?

Rectal bleeding (unlike internal bleeding) is normally an insignificant condition — similar to a bloody nose. It occurs due to a preexisting colon condition that leads to constipation and straining. As Colon Corrective wakes up the system and breaks apart toxins and build up, a few drops of blood may appear — looking quite dramatic as they spread through the water. (Internal bleeding, on the other hand, is characterized by black or dark purple stools. If you experience internal bleeding see your doctor immediately.)

If I have continuous diarrhea due to Candida, should I take Colon Corrective at all and if so, how long?

Diarrhea is water. It wouldn’t hurt to take one Colon Corrective capsule along with Colon Detoxifier for seven days so the product has a chance to establish itself in your digestive tract, thereby adding some consistency to your movements along with starting the detoxification process.

Are there any special concerns if I have colitis or Crohn’s Disease?

Yes. If you have an overactive colon, then you do not want to take the Colon Corrective, which would increase that activity even more. If you have diarrhea or an overactive colon, start with the Colon Detoxifier to soothe and calm you colon down. Eventually, as your colon function returns to normal, you may want to incorporate some Colon Corrective into your program.

Are there any food restrictions while taking using these formulas?

There are no food restrictions per se, but remember why you are on this program in the first place. Be smart. Be more consciously aware of the foods you are putting into your system, and make changes accordingly.

Is it necessary to take Colon Corrective for the full seven days?

No. The main purpose for Colon Corrective is to get the bowel functioning again, so that you have 2-3 bowel movements a day. It is recommended that you continue taking at least one Colon Corrective capsule while on the Colon Detoxifier because Colon Detoxifier is binding, and you don’t want to become constipated.

Is there a problem with missing a dose of the Colon Detoxifier?

The more consistent you are, the better your overall results will be. The best thing to do when a dose is missed is to try and make it up one hour after you have taken your next scheduled dose. In any case, keep taking the Detoxifier for an extra day or two (if needed) to finish the bottle.

Is it normal to have abdominal tenderness?

No. You may experience muscular movement, along with occasional cramping and aching, but these effects are minimal.

What if I’m experiencing extreme intestinal distress or nausea while using the Colon Detoxifier?

If you are using the capsules, make sure you are having diluted juice with the capsules, and not just water. Also, if using the capsules, try having 1 Digestive Enzyme capsule with the Detoxifier to help break down the capsules. You can also try cutting back to ¼ of a scoop (or 1 capsule) 5 times a day. Let your body get accustomed to the detox process, and then gradually build to the full 5 scoops (45 capsules) a day — or whatever number you can comfortably handle. The closer you come to full dosage the better; but in any case, however long it takes, finish the entire bottle of detox (either powder or capsules) for a complete detox. Note: if using the capsules, it may be helpful to have a SMALL amount of food with the capsules to stimulate production of stomach acid, which helps break down the capsules. In general, the powder is preferable to the capsules, as some people have problems digesting the capsules. The only reason for using the capsules is convenience and the fact that some people don’t like the taste of the Detoxifier in powder.

What should you do if you are taking the recommended dose of Colon Corrective and are having frequent bowel movements but very little waste?

People should experience 2-3 bowel movements a day. This is normal. It’s possible that you could reduce your dosage if you are having more movements than that. This should regulate your system accordingly. Remember, with more movements, your waste content will be substantially less because you re going more frequently.

I read that the Colon Detoxifier formula absorbs drug residues. Is this a problem if I am currently taking medications?

No, but to be on the safe side, it’s recommended that you take any medications a minimum of 20 minutes before or after using the Colon Detoxifier.

Would it be useful to take the Colon Detoxifier if I have an upset stomach from food poisoning or stomach flu?

Absolutely. One scoop of Colon Detoxifier taken with a glass of water (or 9 capsules) will often help control the problems of mild food poisoning or stomach flu in as little as 20-40 minutes. If one dose doesn’t work, try a second dose. Also, a strong dose of garlic, or garlic formula, is highly recommended in these situations as it is highly antiviral and antibacterial and antiparasitic.

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