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Angioplasties, Unnecessary Treatment


Every day, doctors keep beating alternative health advocates with the same question, “Where are the peer reviewed studies that back you up? Without those studies to back you up, alternative health treatments are just a waste of money.”

I keep trying to remind these authorities that 85% of the treatments the medical community uses are not backed by studies. This includes the huge amount of off-label use of prescription drugs and a number of very expensive procedures that are near and dear to the heart of the medical community. Well, now there’s a new study on one of the nearest and dearest: angioplasty to relieve chest pain caused by clogged arteries – and the results of the study are not kind.

Researchers found that angioplasty did not save lives or prevent heart attacks in non-emergency heart patients.

Angioplasty gave only slight and temporary relief from chest pain, the main reason it is done.

“By five years, there was really no significant difference” in symptoms.

Well, there you go! And talk about wasting money! Every year in the US, doctors perform about 1.2 million angioplasties at an average cost of $40,000. That works out to $48,000,000,000 wasted every year in the US alone – just on this one medical procedure!!!!

Maybe it’s just me, but I think we can now safely say that alternative health is far more economical in this situation – and certainly, safer and at least as effective. Speaking of which, when it comes to clogged arteries, instead of “reaching for an angioplasty,” you might want to check out: