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diet and cancer connection

A news release earlier this week from the American Association for Cancer Research reports that new studies show that diet can provide protection against the development of certain cancers. Conclusions include:

  • Soy intake between the ages of 5-11 reduced breast cancer rates by 58%
  • HRT was once again affirmed as a breast cancer risk
  • Fish consumption (Omega-3 fatty acids) reduced the risk of colon cancer
  • Higher cholesterol levels increased the risk of aggressive prostate cancer
  • Char broiling meat increases breast cancer risks by some 74%.
  • Heavy meat consumption, in general, increased the risk by 43%.
  • Interestingly enough, aspirin completely attenuated the increased risk of breast cancer caused by heavy meat consumption and charbroiling. (Before you gaga over aspirin, keep in mind that you are likely to get the same benefit, and more, from regular use of proteolytic enzymes, which also reduce system inflammation and optimize blood flow, but without causing intestinal bleeding. And of course, while this seems to be big news in the medical community, it’s old hat in the alternative health community.