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Tremors, Ammonia Toxicity, and Low pH



I’ve had hand tremors for the last five years, but within 72 hours of taking your carnosine/acetyl-l-carnitine/dmae formula for the first time, the tremors completely stopped. Is that possible? Could this fomula do that? If so, how did it happen?


First let me explain that my carnosine/acetyl-l-carnitine/dmae formula was not designed as an anti tremor formula and is not sold to treat tremors — or any other medical condition for that matter. It was designed to protect the body against the ravages of sugar and aldehydes in the bloodstream and to nutritionally extend the life of cells. And in that regard, it does a spectacular job. Nevertheless, over the years, I’ve had a number of people relate similar experiences to yours using variations of this formula. How can this be? There is an answer.

Interestingly enough, I answered this question some seven years ago for a previous incarnation of the formula that I created. Since that time, I have seen that answer appear almost word for word on numerous sites on the internet. (Ya gotta love the net.) With that in mind, here it is, once again.

As it turns out, one of the primary factors in the onset of tremors is ammonia toxicity. Thus decreasing ammonia levels in the body can slow down tremors.

Furthermore, ammonia increases the production of positively charged hydrogen molecules (also called protons) in the body. And it is this increase in hydrogen molecules that leads to lower pH, or increased acid levels in muscle tissue. I talk about this in some detail in “Lessons from the Miracle Doctors.” So if you’re interested, you can read the section in Chapter 13 on Blood pH and see how the foods you eat (specifically, meat, grains, and dairy) make your body more acid. Anyway, it’s this accumulation of acid causing hydrogen molecules (resulting from increased ammonia levels) that is the primary factor in producing muscle fatigue. That means that neutralizing acid products such as ammonia can slow down muscle fatigue and reverse decreasing pH levels.

Now, how does that relate to tremors? The loss of muscle strength makes it more difficult to control muscle tissue, making the susceptibility to tremors greater. Decreasing ammonia levels in Parkinson’s (or any tremor condition for that matter) will help maintain muscle strength longer — thus holding off the tremors.

So how does supplementation with carnosine help? Well, carnosine, which is found in human skeletal muscle is the primary buffer for muscle tissue. In other words, carnosine prevents the build up of acid levels in muscle tissue thus prolonging the onset of fatigue and the concomitant loss of muscle control.

Think of it this way. The greater the fatigue, the less muscle control you have. The less muscle control you have, the less ability to contract and relax muscle you have. And it is the ability of your body to relax muscle tissue that gives it the ability to resist tremors. Thus supplementing with carnosine can help dramatically decrease tremors — which in fact we are seeing.

Does that mean you have to have tremors to benefit from carnosine/acetyl-l-carnitine/dmae supplementation? Of course not! And in fact, as I said before, the formula is neither designed nor sold to treat any medical conditions. It is designed to slow down the ravages of aging in the body — but provides a multitude of benefits beyond that.

For example, any athletes reading this are probably already asking themselves. “Well, if carnosine inhibits muscle fatigue, wouldn’t it help work outs to be supplementing with a similar formula since it would allow me to work out longer without fatigue?” And the answer is yes. Supplementation with carnosine/acetyl-l-carnitine/dmae will significantly improve athletic workouts.