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Date: 09/24/2010

Gastric Bypass Surgery & Malnutrition

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As obesity rates climb in Western cultures, so do the rates of those going under the knife to fight the fat.  In the UK, weight loss operations are up 1000% in the last decade, reports the British Medical Journal. Bariatric surgeries remain a growth industry in the US as well, with 16,000 a year in the 1990s to over a quarter million a year by last year. Quite simply, gastric bypass surgery is one of the most common surgical procedures for weight loss, and it works by changing the normal digestive process, but with significant health side effects.   In this audio health podcast, learn why so many people are hastily electing for this surgery, as well as the risks associated with gastric bypass surgery including stomach leaks, bowel blockages, gallstones, hernias, and the risk of developing a severe case of malnutrition.  Listen to why Jon prefers a systemic approach to natural weight loss--from proper nutrition to stress reduction--and how you can avoid going under the knife.


    Submitted by Darlene Fisher-Martino on
    September 19, 2013 - 12:35pm

    I had a Gastric Bypass RNY in the early 90's and I now am suffering Severe Adrenal Fatigue,diabetes, low iron and Malnutrition. I was 300 pounds and had no results trying to lose weight. I was feeling I had no way out,The life expectancy of the surgery is 5 years. After that you will quiet possibly gain it back.. I am doing an anti-inflammatory diet now trying hard to get my health back I have been very ill for a year and a half now. I pray daily that I do not die from something I thought was going to SAVE ME!

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