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Date: 05/07/2010

Prostate Cancer & PSA Testing

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In a recent Op Ed column for the New York Times, Dr. Richard Ablin, the discoverer of PSA (prostate-specific antigen, an enzyme made by the prostate), says the annual bill for PSA screening in the U.S. is $3 billion, even though the test "is hardly more effective than a coin toss." According to Ablin, the test does not detect the presence of prostate cancer. It merely shows how much prostate antigen a man has in his blood. "Infections, over-the-counter drugs like ibuprofen, and benign swelling of the prostate can all elevate a man's P.S.A. levels, but none of these factors signals cancer. Men with low readings might still harbor dangerous cancers, while those with high readings might be completely healthy," he says. Learn the truth about PSA testing, what tests will give you more accurate results concerning your prostate health, and about alternative cancer therapies with this health podcast.