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  • 11/3/2018
    In the end, we can sum up the latest hullabaloo about detoxing as an inaccurate interpretation of a valid study by a mainstream nutritionist aided and abetted by bad journalism.
  • 5/10/2017
    In this newsletter, we turn to the large intestine, or colon, which absorbs any remaining water in the feces and transfers them to the rectum for excretion. We also explore all of those things that can go wrong in the colon and the options you have for correcting them.
  • 4/13/2017
    What is the difference between a traditional colonic and a colon detox program? Which is better and why? The best way to understand the significant differences between these two approaches is to look at the big picture, overall intestinal health.
  • Electroacupuncture and Constipation
    Some news for those with severe constipation: new research suggests that acupuncture can bring some relief to those with severe constipation.
  • 10/14/2016
    Soda and Kidney Disease Air Pollution Leads to Blood Clots Liver Detox and Alcohol Blood of My Ancestors
  • 10/13/2016
    To use this recipe, be sure to check out our day by day colon detox instructions. Remember to start with the Colon Corrective™ capsules first until the bowels are moving well.
  • 9/29/2016
    Jon Barron and The Baseline of Health® Foundation have touted for years that regular detoxing of ALL major organs is essential to maintaining health. It is simple: you can down all the vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants but you won't see your health turn around if your colon is filled with putrid fecal matter or if your liver can't clean toxins out of your blood and perform its daily functions.
  • 9/29/2016
    If you read Jon Barron's report on the requirements of an effective colon cleanse, it's easy to see that no one formula or magic pill can accomplish it all. What he recommends is a two-pronged approach. Below are the two recommended formulas (plus the one optional formula) you will need. For simplicity, we’ve listed and described the ingredients and what they do for Jon Barron’s actual formulas designed for this purpose.
  • 9/26/2016
    Below is a list of questions and answers pertaining to the colon detox, the first step to cleansing toxins out of the body. Use the links on the right to scroll through our full body detox program -- the most comprehensive detox program that you can do right at home. Colon cleansing is not the end of detoxing--it's merely the first step. Colon detoxing, as we've previously discussed on this site, is required to clean out the elimination channels so that toxins released from the other forms of detoxification have a clear path out of the body. But the major work of detoxification, the dramatic improvements in health that most people are looking for, come more from those other detoxes than from colon cleansing.
  • 9/26/2016
    Review some colon detox tips before you begin your colon cleanse. Make sure to drink plenty of water.
  • 9/26/2016
    Find out more about colon detoxing and watch our videos and listen to our colon detox instructions from our audio files.
  • 9/26/2016
    Over the years, we have collected numerous cleansing and detoxification testimonials from Jon Barron's natural detox program. Below you are welcome to review our colon detox testimonials, followed by links to other detox reviews. Do you have a detox testimonial you want to share? Let us know, just add a comment at the bottom!
  • 9/26/2016
    Colon Detox Preparation (as needed):  If you already use Colon Corrective™, you can skip the following steps and start right in on Day 1.  
  • 9/26/2016
    Jon Barron and The Baseline of Health® Foundation have touted for years that regular detoxing of ALL major organs is essential to maintaining health. It is simple: you can down all the vitamins, herbs, and antioxidants but you won't see your health turn around if your colon is filled with putrid fecal matter or if your liver can't clean toxins out of your blood and perform its daily functions.
  • 9/23/2016
    Colon detoxing and intestinal cleansing are the foundation for other phases of the full body detox because if the intestinal tract is clogged, many of the toxins being dumped by your liver will back up into your bloodstream, making you feel very unwell.
  • 9/23/2016
    The road to optimum health begins with a full body detox -- no matter what the disease or problem. Our self-guided detox program will provide all the support you'll need for a complete intestinal cleansing, heavy metal detox, kidney detox, gallbladder cleanse, liver detox, and blood cleansing. Learn how to detox through extensive documentation, audio files, charts, graphs, detox FAQs, and more in this free, natural detox guide.
  • Health Benefits of Slouching | Back Pain Health Blog
    Research suggests that the traditional upright position with the back at a 90-degree position in relation to the legs, most often assumed by sedentary office workers worldwide, may actually cause back pain and possible future spinal weakness or damage.
  • Colonguard for Colon Cancer Test | Natural Health Blog
    Although they aren't widely advertised and many still don't know about them, there are alternatives to the colonoscopy when looking for colon cancer.
  • New Fast Food Diet Before Colonoscopy | Health Blog
    According to a new study, you many not have to go on the dreaded all liquid diet before a colonoscopy. In fact, you might get better results if you don't.
  • IBS Linked to Vitamin D deficiency | Health Blog
    The vast majority of individuals with irritable bowel syndrome may have low vitamin D levels.
  • 12/1/2014
    A Barron Report on how natural colon detox -- also known as a colon cleanse -- can improve intestinal health and prevent digestive disorders, diverticular disease or irritable bowel syndrome.
  • cascara sagrada tree
    If you have ever suffered from constipation, you are not alone. 63 million people in North America suffer from constipation and if not treated, it can lead to a host of other health issues. For some people, adding fiber to the diet is not enough. Are there other natural remedies? Turns out, there are!
  • mistletoe extract
    Mistletoe may prove much more valuable than simply as a sprig to stand under for a smooch with a loved one. New research has found that mistletoe may be a complementary therapy for fighting colon cancer.
  • flax seed with scooper
    Flaxseed is considered by many to be one of the most powerful foods on the planet. According to history, this may have always been the case.
  • senna colon cure
    What does an herb used in love sachets in the Middle East have to do with your colon? You may be surprised. Senna's first known use can be traced back to two Arabian physicians, Serapion and Sesue.
  • chicory root liver detox blood cleansing
    Chicory root was widely used during the Great Depression and World War II when coffee was in short supply or too expensive. Today, it is used around the world and in the US, particularly in New Orleans, as a natural caffeine-free substitute to coffee. However, it's much more than a rich drink.
  • 10/7/2013
    Barberry root contains many health benefits for antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant activity, and more to treat internal and external conditions.
  • 9/16/2013
    Clay minerals are one of the most effective natural intestinal detoxifying agents known, capable of absorbing up to 40 times its weight in fecal matter.
  • 8/7/2013
    What is Goldenseal used for? Native Americans used it for its ability to heal common ailments such as sore eyes, skin issues, and digestive disorders.
  • 3/28/2013
    Recent research has found that hypnosis may bring some relief to Irritable Bowel Syndrome sufferers without adding any more medication to the picture.
  • 9/28/2012
    The intestinal tract has a specific function to perform: immune protection, digestion, processing food, and elimination of waste. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle has created a digestive crisis in most people. In fact, almost 100 million Americans have digestive disorders. Find out why and what you can do!
  • 7/31/2012
    More and more doctors are now aware of how endemic yeast infections such as Candida have become. What is candida and how can you rid yourself of this yeast-like fungus?
  • 7/31/2012
    Jon Barron will walk you through the digestive system -- from the tip of your tongue to the outer edge of your rectum. All of this will help you understand digestive tract diseases (everything from hiatal hernia to acid reflux, from peptic ulcers to irritable bowel syndrome) and how to treat them naturally by working with your body, not against it.
  • 7/31/2012
    No matter how toxic free we live and eat, we are constantly absorbing toxins through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. It is essential to remove these poisons in order to avoid catastrophic illness. List of articles on detoxing!
  • 4/27/2012
    Jon Barron brings up data supporting alternative medicine concepts and practices, which are dismissed by some as “pure nonsense" and "placebo" in Dr. Bob Carroll's Skeptic Dictionary.  
  • 10/3/2011
    In our concluding segment on the immune system, we progressively step outside the box and draw a clear line between the medical view of the immune system and the holistic view. And ultimately, we arrive at the primary point of separation.
  • 9/10/2011
    60 percent of the more than 150 2011-model car seats tested by the non-profit group contain "chemicals of concern."The chemicals they discovered in the products include brominated flame retardants, arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury.
  • 8/5/2011
    Perhaps you've seen the headlines: "Colon Cleansing Ineffective and Unsafe, Say Researchers."So what is this groundbreaking study in the Journal of Family Practice that has definitively driven the nail in the coffin of colon cleansing and got people so worked up?
  • 3/18/2011
    Since I first wrote about the nuclear disaster in Japan, many things have changed -- and yet little has changed. By that I mean there have been countless breaking news stories and changing events appearing hour by hour. Panic is spreading. But the bottom line is that little has changed since I first wrote about the situation. It is indeed a great tragedy for the Japanese people, but it is still primarily a local event for Japan, with only the smallest of chances that there will be any substantial health impact on the rest of the world. With that in mind let's quickly look at some of the events and rumors that are circulating and what the truth is behind them.
  • 3/15/2011
    There is some degree of risk, no matter how small, that substantial amounts of radiation may leak from one or more of the Japanese reactors, make its way into the upper atmosphere, and ultimately drop down on the United States and the rest of the world. The amount of exposure to citizens outside of Japan would ultimately be small; but unfortunately, in the case of some types of radiation, small amounts of exposure can have significant health consequences -- particularly for the vulnerable.  Learn what you can do to protect yourself from nuclear fallout.
  • 10/16/2009
    Jon Barron debunks The CSPI's report which lists the 10 foods most likely to make you sick — such as Leafy greens for salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus. However, the real digits reveal that organizations, jurisdictions, misrepresentation, and contamination are more to blame than the actual food itself. Don't be fooled; instead, eat well and learn what probiotics and colon detox products can do.
  • 10/15/2009
    The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) has just released a report listing the 10 foods most likely to make you sick. Leafy greens (a frequent source of salmonella, E. coli, and norovirus) take position number one.
  • 6/30/2009
    A new study shows that young people under the age of 50 have experienced rising rates of colon cancer in every age category; it's only the older folks who are getting it less.
  • 3/24/2009
    While a vegetarian diet beats a meat diet in nearly all studies and by almost all measures -- not all vegetarian diets are healthy, and also, simply cutting out meat won't grant immunity.
  • 2/5/2009
    A new study just determined that the chemicals (perfluorinated chemicals, aka PFCs) found in common household items like upholstered furniture, carpeting, paper, and food-packaging materials may cause infertility.
  • 1/19/2009
    A study by the Voice of Young Science (VoYS) found that there is little or no proof that detoxing products work, except to part people from their cash. Jon's study of the VoYS study, on the other hand, found it to be mostly nonsense and nonsequitur.
  • 10/22/2008
    A research team at the Institute of Food Research in Norwich, England, discovered that a substance in apple pectin binds to a tumor-producing protein called galectin 3, thereby preventing the progression of cancer within the body.
  • 10/5/2007
    Understand why heavy metal detoxification is so important, why intestinal cleansing and detoxification has to be the first step, how to safely perform a kidney and gallbladder flush, and why a liver and blood detox can dramatically improve your health.
  • 10/2/2007
    The Global Detox Event serves as an 'entry level opportunity' to anyone, anywhere, who is serious about taking control of their health by participating in a safe, total detoxification process that cleanses them out from top to bottom.
  • 8/20/2007
    While there is no shortage of evidence linking the so-called Western diet to an increased risk for developing colon cancer, the study is among the first to examine the impact of such a diet on survival among patients treated for the disease.
  • 2/14/2007
     Candida is a yeastlike fungus commonly found in the normal flora of the mouth, skin, intestinal tract, and vagina, which can become clinically infectious in people with compromised immune systems.
  • 2/6/2007
    From the description of ingredients you sent, it certainly looks like someone assembled the formula by looking in a book for everything that might be beneficial to the cardiovascular system and throwing them all together in one pill, with many of the ingredients at 'pixie dust' levels.
  • 11/6/2006
    Crohn's is one of a whole range of intestinal disorders that stem from similar causes. These include ulcerative colitis, diverticular disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky gut, spastic colon, polyps, fistulas, and colon cancer, etc.
  • 10/23/2006
    Let's discuss the ingredients used in the Colon Detoxifier formula -- what they are and what they do.
  • 10/10/2006
    If I have MS, should I do the liver and blood detox together as recommended or separately to be on the safe side?
  • 10/4/2006
    Coffee enemas in particular, they can be of great benefit in detoxing since they have the ability to open the bile ducts and stimulate the liver.
  • 11/7/2005
    This report goes into full detail about the importance of intestinal and liver detoxification, especially after the Holiday season.
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