Weight Management

  • Preservatives Causing Weight Gain | Natural Health Blog
    According to new research, a common food additive might be contributing to health and weight problems.
  • Smartphones and Weight Gain | Natural Health Blog
    New research suggests that a lot of time spent on smartphones and other devices could be linked to putting on extra pounds.
  • Late Night Eating Weight Gain | Weight Loss Blog
    While you may think it’s not such a big deal to eat a late dinner, according to new research, it could be taking a significant toll on your waistline.
  • Food Monitoring for Weight Loss | Natural Health Blog
    Losing weight isn’t easy. However, according to new research, you might be able to achieve your weight loss goals using this method for just 15 minutes a day.
  • Body Fat Increases Cancer Risk | Natural Health Blog
    New research shows that, for at least one form of cancer, just having a little excess body fat might be a more important predictor than weight.
  • Caffeine As A Diet Aid | Natural Health Blog
    If you are interested in shedding a few excess pounds, you might think that caffeine could be a big help.  What is the verdict?  Does it work?
  • 4/7/2018
    We already know that obesity contributes to many health issues, and now you can add another one. New research indicates that childhood obesity is linked to developing cancer at an earlier age.
  • Benefit to Cutting Calories | Natural Health Blog
    Restricting the number of calories you consume can help you reach a healthier weight. But are there any other benefits?
  • Whole Foods vs Counting Calories | Weight Loss Blog
    Confused about what diet plan is the best?  New research may help you formulate a new eating plan by cutting through some of the conflicting diet information. Discover what really works...
  • 1/11/2018
    While it can be very nice to unwind at the end of a long day with a glass of wine, it’s important to keep in mind that this is not a calorie-free endeavor. Find out why those drinks come at such a high caloric cost.
  • Cinnamon Boosts Metabolism | Weight Loss Blog
    Rev up your metabolism naturally by adding some spice to your life.  Find out why you should add cinnamon to your daily menu.
  • Food Ads Create Hunger | Natural Health Blog
    Did you ever pass a bakery and feel the need to stop in and buy something just due to the presence of the cakes in the window?  Find out why...
  • Belly Fat & Surgery | Natural Health Blog
    New research suggests that carrying belly fat might put you at increased risk if you need to have surgery.
  • 11/21/2017
    Whether or not you are a fan of the popular television show “Biggest Loser,” there are some things we can learn from the contestants’ behavior...
  • How To Make Thanksgiving Healthy | Natural Health Blog
    Thanksgiving doesn’t have to begin a downward spiral of unhealthy eating habits. Learn some new options...
  • 10/5/2017
    Shedding excess weight is not easy, but one little bad habit can make a huge difference. According to new research, even eliminating one can of soda a week can make a difference in your weight. Read more...
  • Obesity Reduces Sperm Quality | Natural Health Blog
    A new study found that obese men are more likely to have serious sperm issues such as a lower volume of semen, lower sperm counts, and lower sperm concentration.
  • Slow and Steady Weight Loss | Health Blog
    New research suggests that if you want the weight to not only come off, but stay off, you will fare better with a slower pace.
  • Obesity Worldwide Problem | Natural Health Blog
    It might not surprise you to hear that obesity rates are increasing around the world, but to see the actual numbers is astounding. United States remains number one.
  • Lose More Weight with a Vegetarian Diet | Weight Loss Blog
    New research suggests that going vegetarian “might” make a big difference in turning the corner for losing some of that extra weight.
  • Brand Recognition & Child Obesity | Health Blog
    New research suggests that young kids who can recall the types of foods sold by popular brands have a better chance of being overweight or obese.
  • Health Benefits of Swimming | Health Blog
    The third Saturday in May is celebrated as Learn to Swim Day, and this year it falls on May 20th.  Here are five good reasons why you should head to a pool near you.
  • Instagram as a Weight-Loss Tool | Health Blog
    Instagram can potentially serve as a way to improve your eating habits. In fact, new research suggests that it may be a useful tool for dietary support.
  • Weight and Cancer Risk | Natural Health Blog
    Although it becomes harder to lose weight as you age, there are major health benefits involved. New research suggests that being overweight in your 20s sets you up for a higher cancer risk over time.
  • Health Benefits of Walking | Natural Health Blog
    April 6th is Walk to Work Day, a holiday created expressly to get us up and moving. Find out ways to incorporate more walking into your day!
  • Not Exercising as Harmful as Obesity | Natural Health Blog
    Research says that inactivity has a risk similarly to that of obesity for developing heart disease. Exercise is one of the best ways to protect your heart!
  • Eat Fewer Calories For Longevity | Health Blog
    The amount of calories you eat may also be linked to how long you live. New research suggests that cutting back on calories could mean you’ll make it to a ripe old age.
  • Six Tips For Super Bowl Diet Survival | Health Blog
    You can enjoy your Super Bowl party without undoing all the healthiness of the rest of your diet routine. Just plan ahead with a few simple do’s and don’ts.
  • 1/23/2017
    Having ruled out trying to pack a shake with problem plagued protein supplements, I chose to build my shake around long-chain, low-glycemic carbohydrates.
  • Mortality Rates Based on City Location | Natural Health Blog
    Most neighborhoods have distinctive mortality patterns, and high-priced neighborhoods typically have lower overall death rates than poorer regions.
  • Younger People Having Strokes | Health Blog
    Bad news: research shows that the average age of occurrence for a first stroke has recently been getting younger.
  • 4 Tips for Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain | Health Blog
    Read on for some easy ways to navigate the holidays and still have clothes that fit.
  • Focused Shopping to Buy Healthier Options | Health Blog
    For most of us, this is a particularly hectic time of year. You may be busy wrapping up things at work so you can take a few days off around the holidays, attending parties and celebrations of all kinds, and planning visits with friends and family members. Let’s not forget shopping either, which can take a big bite out of both your time and your wallet whether you are looking to purchase gifts or preparing for a holiday meal at your home. But a word to the wise: you might want to consider skipping the cell phone calls while doing your shopping.
  • Healthy Eating While Watching TV? |  Natural Health Blog
    New research suggests that families dining with the TV tend to have less healthy and less positive dining experiences.
  • Hungry After Mental Strain | Health Blog
    Frequently our reaction to a hard mental workout is to eat—a lot. According to new research, countering the after effects of mental activity with some physical activity may help keep you from overindulging.
  • What Is A Healthy Breakfast? | Natural Health Blog
    September has been deemed Better Breakfast Month, so we’re here to remind you not only to start your day off with a meal (maybe), but to try to improve it nutritionally (definitely).
  • The Best Time of Day to Exercise | Weight Loss Blog
    Some of us hop out of bed, slip on running shoes and plunge right into a workout even before sunrise, while others can’t imagine hitting the streets before coffee. Likewise, some eat dinner and then head out to the gym when the stars come out, leaving their exhausted brethren on the couch watching TV. Does it matter whether you exercise first thing or wait until day is done?
  • Diet Success Determined By Genetics | Weight Loss Blog
    According to new research, your dietary triumphs all appear to depend on your genetic makeup, making different diets more beneficial to certain people than to others.
  • Difficulty of Quitting Smoking and Dieting | Natural Health Blog
    A new study shows that it may take as many as 30 attempts at quitting smoking before it sticks.
  • Weight Loss Reduces Diabetes & Heart Disease | Natural Health Blog
    A significant weight reduction is linked to improvements in blood sugar levels and a decrease in numerous heart disease risk factors in those with diabetes over a long-term period.
  • How to Not Overfeed Your Infant | Natural Health Blog
    Using larger sized bottles to feed young babies may be associated with excess weight by the time they are just a few months old.
  • How To Maintain Weight Loss | Weight Loss Newsletter
    If you're severely overweight, it would be tempting to take the findings of the Obesity study as an excuse to give up. That would be a mistake.
  • Diet Drinks Dangerous When Pregnant | Prenatal Health Blog
    Women who drink artificially sweetened beverages daily during pregnancy have double the risk of their infants being overweight by their first birthday.
  • Reduce Toddlers Sweet Snacks For Healthy Adult Weight | Health Blog
    Toddlers who choose to eat sweet snacks rather than salty ones may face a greater risk of becoming overweight children.
  • Fast Food Kids Meals Healthier? | Children's Heath Blog
    Many popular restaurants are offering a greater variety of food choices that include some healthier, lower calorie items on their children's menus--but you need to be careful.
  • Eating Beans & Legumes For Weight Loss | Weight Loss Blog
    Increasing your intake of legumes may boost feelings of satiety after a meal causing you to consume less and potentially shed extra pounds without making any other dietary changes.
  • Sounds of Chewing Cut Portion Sizes | Health Blog
    Hearing the sounds we make while eating may keep our consumption levels lower than when they are drowned out by other noises.
  • Air Pollution Linked to Weight Gain | Natural Health Blog
    Air pollution may be a contributing factor to weight gain and several related health issues.
  • Losing Money Motivates Weight Loss | Natural Weight Loss Blog
    The threat of losing a monetary reward if an exercise goal is not attained may be more motivating than the potential to earn a reward if the goal is attained.
  • Vacation Weight Gain Caused By Alcohol | Weight Loss Blog
    The majority of Americans gain some weight during the course of their vacations and tend not to lose it after they've returned home.
  • Obesity Impacts Boys' Puberty | Children's Health Blog
    Boys who are overweight tend to go through puberty earlier than usual, but curiously, boys who are obese tend to go through puberty at a later point.
  • How to Watch Calories When Eating Out | Natural Health Blog
    More than 90 percent of restaurants in the United States provide servings that exceed the recommended number of calories to be eaten in a single meal.
  • People Break New Years Resolutions -- Health Blog
    A recent study found that people actually buy more high-calorie foods at the supermarket between January and March than they do during other months of the year.
  • Singles Have Lower Weight | Natural Health Blog
    Single men and women who are not cohabiting with a romantic partner may have a lower body mass index (BMI) than their peers who live with a significant other.
  • Obesity Passes Through Male DNA | Health Blog
    Obesity is written into the sperm. A father's lifestyle choices actually affect the way his sperm develops.
  • Gender Effects on Overeating | Health Blog
    The quantity of food a person eats at a meal may vary significantly depending on the gender of the others at the table, potentially exerting more influence than even appetite.
  • 11/19/2015
    A new pill takes an "ingenious" approach to cutting your appetite. You swallow the pill, and then the shell dissolves and a balloon the size of a grapefruit automatically inflates.
  • Causes For Weight Gain More Than Calories? | Natural Weight Loss
    A recent study concluded that factors other than diet and physical activity may be contributing to the increase in BMI over time. But is it true?
  • Hide Junk Food to Lose Weight | Weigh-Loss Blog
    It may be the foods we see many times a day on the kitchen counter and eat without even thinking that cause a weight gain over time.
  • Late Bedtimes and Weight Gain in Teens | Weight Loss Blog
    Late night bedtimes rather than fewer hours of sleep per night may be a major factor in unhealthy weight gain in teenagers.
  • Obesity Leads To Alzheimer's | Mental Health Blog
    People who are overweight or obese at age 50 have a sharply increased risk of developing early Alzheimer's.
  • New Fathers Gain Weight | Children's Health Blog
    New dads frequently put on an average of about 4.4 pounds after having their first child.
  • 8/1/2015
    According to a new study, if you are obese, the odds of your returning to a weight in the normal range are not good.
  • Americans Eating Processed Foods | Natural Health Blog
    New research suggests that well over half of the calories consumed by the average American are coming from processed foods.
  • Grocery Lists Help Weight Loss | Weight Loss Blog
    New research suggests that the simple trick of bringing a grocery list to the store may be the key to sticking with a healthier diet.
  • Pregnancy Weight Gain | Natural Health Blog
    Almost half of pregnant women gain an excessive amount of weight during the nine months of their pregnancy.
  • Know the Calories in Your Alcoholic Drink | Health Blog
    The FDA has finalized a law that requires all establishments that sell prepared food to post the truth about calories--and that includes alcoholic beverages,
  • High-Fructose Corn Syrup Creates Hunger | Weight loss blog
    New research has shown that consuming sugar in the form of fructose appears to have only a minor impact on the brain center that tells us we are getting full.
  • Late Night Snacking Causes Weight Gain -- Weight Loss Blog
    The timing of our intake of calories may be every bit as important in weight control as the number of calories we consume.
  • 12/2/2014
    The use of popular weight-loss apps do not appear to result in any significant loss of weight for most people.
  • Obesity Rates Increase Nationwide -- Weight Loss Blog
    According to a new report, virtually every state has been underestimating its obesity rates, meaning that obesity in this country is considerably more widespread than reports have been showing.
  • Secondhand Smoke Causes Weight Gain
    A new study out of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, found that exposure to secondhand smoke over time can affect metabolism and cause an increase in weight.
  • Obesity Elevates Fatality from Accidents
    A study last year found that the more obese you are, the more likely it is that you'll die in a car crash.
  • Americans Are Not Losing Weight | Weight Loss Blog
    According to new research, our society is still adding excess pounds, and our waistlines have grown even larger in the past few years.
  • Excess Weight Causes Cancer, Natural Health Blog
    New research shows that overweight individuals may have an increased chance of developing many forms of cancer.
  • Restaurants As Unhealthy As Fast Food
    New research has determined that many meals in full-service restaurants may be just as high in fat, calories, and sodium as fast food offerings.
  • 8/7/2014
    The vast majority of children and teenagers who are overweight firmly believe that their weight is actually normal.
  • 6/12/2014
    While the U.S. is still number one on the obesity list, countries everywhere are following suit and close to 30 percent of the worldwide population is now either overweight or obese.
  • Women who frequently indulge in diet beverages may face an increased risk of heart disease and potentially death.
    Those women who consume diet sodas daily have a substantially greater likelihood of experiencing a cardiovascular event and are also more likely to die from the occurrence.
  • 4/8/2014
    Studies have found that eating small meals every few hours have no substantial effect on weight loss and offer absolutely no benefit over eating larger meals twice a day.
  • 4/5/2014
    A recent study found that individuals who have a genetically increased risk of becoming obese put on more pounds after indulging in fried foods than did their peers without those genes.
  • 3/25/2014
    aving excess weight around the midsection has been linked with serious disease, even in those with a normal body mass index.
  • 3/20/2014
    A new study has established a link between having a television in the bedroom and heavier children.
  • Vigorous Exercise and Obesity | Natural Health Blog
    New research has found that the average obese woman exercises vigorously only one hour a year! Obese men do slightly better at 3.6 hours annually.
  • 2/25/2014
    Preschoolers develop a better sense of an appropriate portion for their hunger when they are permitted to serve food to themselves rather than being pressured to eat greater amounts.
  • 2/4/2014
    Certain professions have a much higher rate of obesity than others, and truck drivers are at the very top of that list, with 39% of them rated as obese.
  • Cold Temps Help You Lose Weight -- Weight Loss Blog
    There are a thousand reasons to curse winter: blizzards and shoveling, cancelled flights and shivering, among other things. If you find yourself longing to wake up tomorrow sweating in Hawaii, take heart: there's at least one new reason to celebrate cold temperatures. Cold, it turns out, may help you to lose weight. The finding flies in the face of conventional wisdom that tells us that our bodies are programmed to put on a few pounds in colder weather to insulate us from the elements.
  • Hispanic Teenagers Who Identify With Their Heritage Have a Better Body Image
    According to research, Hispanic girls who express pride in their ethnicity have a much more positive attitude about their appearance than their peers who are not as strongly connected to their background.
  • Smart Bras Promote Natural Weight Loss by Controling Emotional Eating | Natural Health Blog
    It seems that researchers at Microsoft have developed a bra to help women control emotional eating by measuring their moods.
  • Inconsistent Parents Negatively Impact Their Children's Health | Natural Health Blog
    Parents who set strict boundaries as to what is appropriate behavior for their children tend to have kids who are thinner than their peers with parents who are less consistent.
  • 9/24/2013
    Dips in estrogen may have a major influence on the weight men often put on in middle age, very similar to the effect they are known to have on women's bodies.
  • 9/19/2013
    According to a new study, when the team a community loves loses a game, many fans react by eating food loaded with calories and saturated fat.
  • 9/16/2013
    Supplementing with pomegranate makes sense if you are looking at cancer prevention, heart health, reducing bad cholesterol, lowering blood pressure, and protecting against aging.
  • 8/12/2013
    The health value of watermelon is underrated, but during the summer months, it's one of the most consumed fruits. Learn how it is benefits your health here.
  • 8/6/2013
    Unpasteurized or organic apple cider vinegar medicinal uses come from the “mother of vinegar,” which is made up of living nutrients and beneficial bacteria.
  • Fitness and exercise reduced by smart phones
    According to new research, smart phones may turn out to have a substantial downside: the more you use them, the less fit you may be.
  • Banaba leaf and blood sugar control
    The health benefits of banaba leaf extract are great for diabetics. Banaba leaf and blood sugar control go hand in hand. Find out how.
  • kola nut benefits (bitter kola)
    You may be surprised to learn that the kola nut (aka kolanut) is the origin of the word “cola,” and the tree on which it grows is believed among some Nigerian tribes to be the first tree on earth. This nut is how the first cola recipe received its caffeine kick -- along with real coca leaves.
  • Natural weight loss for psoriasis
    A study, out of Copenhagen University Hospital Gentofte in Denmark, found a link between overweight psoriasis sufferers shedding excess pounds and a marked reduction in their symptoms.
  • Calorie Content
    A study out of Texas Christian University found that menus that list exercise times, not calorie counts, may lead to healthier choices for diners.
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