Blood & Circulatory System

Natural Health Remedies For Blood Health & The Circulatory System


The heart, the arteries, the veins—what is their purpose? When all is said and done, they are merely a support system, a transportation system if you will, for blood. The cardiovascular system has only one purpose—to move blood through the body. By definition that makes blood pretty important, and as befits its importance, it is a vast topic.

So what exactly is blood?  A big surprise for most people is that your blood is actually an organ, like your liver and kidneys. In other words, it is a “group of tissues of different kinds” that functions as one system and that performs a “specific” function or group of functions.  Blood serves three primary functions in the human body; transportation, protection, balance—what doctors call homeostasis.  In addition to transportation, blood also plays several “protective” roles in the body.

Just by exploring some of the basic functions that blood performs, it opens the door to exploring how much we can influence the performance of those functions by our dietary and lifestyle choices.

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