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  • Population & Celibacy Syndrome | Natural Health Blog
    Did you know?  There’s a new phenomenon occurring that might inadvertently put the lid on uncontrolled population growth. Learn more... 
  • 4/26/2018
    A study from University of Utah found that women involved with men who take on certain household chores have happier relationships and better sex lives.
  • Natural Aphrodisiacs for Men and Women | Health Blog
    Want something beyond viagra to naturally enhance sexual performance?  See three natural aphrodisiacs for men and women.
  • Increasing STD Rates
    If you’re single and ready to mingle, make sure you’re also armed with protection, the STD news is not a good one...
  • 10 Ways To Celebrate Valentine's Day | Natural Health Blog
    Tired of always going out to eat on Valentine's Day? Try these 10 alternative ways to celebrate Valentine's Day that don't build the waistline!
  • Bikini Waxing & STD Health Concerns | Health Blog
    According to new research, there might be a link between pubic hair grooming and sexually transmitted infections.
  • 4 Ways To Live To 100 | Natural Health Blog
    We already know eating a Mediterranean Diet can add years to life, as can exercise, but what other less celebrated factors appear to be correlated to exceptional lifespan? These four factors may surprise you.
  • 2/20/2016
    New research suggests that senior citizens who have an active sex life "may" have healthier brains.
  • Obesity Impacts Boys' Puberty | Children's Health Blog
    Boys who are overweight tend to go through puberty earlier than usual, but curiously, boys who are obese tend to go through puberty at a later point.
  • How Often Should Couples Have Sex | Health Blog
    For most people in lasting relationships, having sex once a week is ideal for their satisfaction and well-being.
  • Coffee Reduces Erectile Dysfunction | Natural Health Blog
    Higher levels of daily caffeine consumption are associated with a lower risk of experiencing erectile dysfunction.
  • Exercise Improves Sexual Function | Natural Health Blog
    Exercising regularly appears to improve sexual function in men--and women too.
  • 12/20/2014
    Despite the enthusiasm of women, the media, and even many scientists, the research institutions and pharmaceutical companies have almost no interest in developing a male contraceptive.
  • Condoms & STDs | Natural Health Blog
    New research suggests it is actually quite risky to put a condom on in a rush because it increases the chance that the condom will not work properly.
  • prostate health benefits
    Researchers are making a pretty good case for the prostate health benefits of having more sex.
  • 9/4/2014
    No matter what their sexual orientation, men appear to achieve orgasm more frequently than women.
  • 7/22/2014
    New study shows that eating apples may help women experience more pleasurable sex.
  • 6/24/2014
    A recent study found that an astonishing 400,000 people in the United States may have chlamydia that is currently undiagnosed.
  • Muira Puama Tree
    Often referred to as the "Viagra of the Amazon," muira puama has long been considered an effective natural therapeutic approach for loss of libido in both sexes. A flowering plant native to the Amazon rainforest, its name, muira puama, means "potency wood." Muira puama is one of the most active botanicals with a long history of traditional use as an energy tonic, general health improver, and remedy for impotence and sexual insufficiency.
  • cordyceps mushrooms in a plate
    Each week we like to take a moment to give special attention to a natural ingredient used to promote health. This week we're going to take a look at a Chinese fungi known to do everything from increasing endurance in athletes to helping rebuild the body after long-term illness.
  • sarsaparilla plant
    While it may often be referenced in westerns as a "sissy drink," real sarsaparilla is indeed a valuable herb with many uses, and has likely been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes of South America.
  • peanut butter on yellow plate with wooden spoon
    Nuts are a very versatile type of food. Whether you sprinkle them on top of a salad for added crunch and flavor, put them in some homemade trail mix to munch on, or add them into the treats you bake, nuts can definitely provide a little extra zest.
  • 10/29/2013
    Research has determined that men who exercise consistently are more likely to have a sperm count that is higher than average as compared to men who are not regular exercisers.
  • 10/24/2013
    The damiana herb uses are often related to the reproductive system. Learn more about this herb that benefits anxiety and more.
  • Sperm allergy
    Up to 40,000 women in the US alone have a condition known as "seminal plasma allergy," which means they're allergic to their partner's sperm.
  • Lowered sperm count
    Everywhere on the planet, the quantity of men's sperm seems to be dropping steadily. And now a new study reveals what one of the culprits might be: too much television.
  • 2/12/2013
    A new study has found that married men who perform traditionally masculine chores have more sex with their wives than their counterparts who help out with traditionally feminine tasks.
  • Playing Hard-to-Get For a More Committed Relationship
    Research conducted through the University of Western Sydney in Australia found that those people who adopt a hard-to-get attitude are in greater demand among potential mates looking to get serious.
  • 8/25/2012
    A male contraceptive pill may be just around the corner. The drug works by making cells "forget" their function -- including cells that trigger sperm to mature. And it seems to work without reducing libido.  
  • 7/17/2012
    A man in India had to be seen by neurologists to determine why each time he watched pornographic movies, he would get a severe headache. These headaches were so painful that the man had to stop his viewing every time.
  • 4/13/2012
    Ladies--here's a question for you: When you're getting dressed for a night out, should you wear a slinky, black dress or the short, red number? Is one color more effective at signaling desire than the other? A color psychology study conducted at the University of Rochester show that red is the color of passion and even related to the evolution of desire. Find out what to wear (or not to) in this installment of Jon Barron's health podcast. 
  • 4/10/2012
    According to a new study, men believe that when women are wearing the color red, they are more interested in sex. And according to another study, women believe the same about men.
  • 3/22/2012
    New research has foundthat when there is a shortage of women -- even if men just "think" there is a lack of local women --  men act more impulsively, especially when it comes to finances.
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