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More than 50 million people have allergic diseases, making them the sixth-leading cause of chronic illness in the USA. Rather than just suppressing the symptoms, it is best to deal with the cause of allergies: foreign proteins in the blood. If they are allowed to build up, it takes only a mild stimulus (pollen, MSG, etc.) to throw your body over the top and produce allergy symptoms. 

There are several other factors that trigger allergies, but in the end, getting rid of allergies primarily depends on eliminating the foreign proteins. Proteolytic enzymes reduce foreign proteins in the blood, and antioxidants that contain immune response regulating ingredients such as quercetin are also known to help.

And the number of asthma sufferers in the United States is also on the rise. Instead of relying solely on pharmaceutical solutions to airway problems, there are definitely some very helpful alternative treatments that go beyond merely suppressing symptoms and can suppress asthma’s underlying causes, such as avoiding certain foods, and supplementing with proteolytic enzymes

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