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Like women, men too are exposed to the effects of chemical estrogens in their environment. Hormones are the body’s chemical messenger system. They tell the various cells of the body what to do — and when — by attaching to specific receptor sites on individual cells. Problems occur when various hormones get out of balance, leading to a reduced sex drive to more serious issues such as prostate cancer. Which is a growing men’s health issue, just look at the statistics:

  • A new case of prostate cancer is diagnosed every 3 minutes in America and every 15 minutes a man dies from prostate cancer. 
  • Prostate cancer is the second leading type of cancer among men. 
  • 11 million men have some form of prostate cancer in the United States. 
  • African-American men have the highest rate of prostate cancer in the world. 
  • Survival rates for men with prostate cancer in 1995 were no different than they were in 1965. 
  • The age at which prostate cancer develops will drop ten years by the year 2000. By the year 2000, prostate cancer will increase by 90%. 

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