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Due to the thousands of chemicals and toxins in our environment, it is not surprising that so many women are experiencing hormonal imbalances and major health issues. The effect is so drastic that the average age of puberty in the developed world has dropped from 15-16 to an astonishing 8 years old, and 1 in 100 girls are now showing signs of puberty by the age of 3. What is happening and how can we avoid these disastrous effects?

It’s also hard to ignore one of the biggest women’s health issues — breast cancer. Worldwide there are approximately 1 million cases of breast cancer every year. Stunningly, over 20% of those cases occur in the United States. However, The American Institute for Cancer Research analyzed 1000 different studies for one overall study that concluded that 40% of not only breast cancer but all cancers could be prevented with “simple” lifestyle changes such as maintaining a healthy weight, eating well, exercising, and limiting alcohol consumption.   (should this be in the cancer section?)

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