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Review our health topics below to find the natural health remedies associated with common diseases, illnesses, health conditions, and wellness issues. Each topic provides links to a variety of other information sources such as Jon Barron’s natural health newsletters, health blogs, podcasts, Barron Reports, or chapters from his world renowned book, “Lessons From The Miracle Doctors”.

Please note that the following information is not designed to diagnose or prescribe for medical conditions, but to offer you natural health information for self-exploration and self-education.

  • No matter how toxic free we live and eat, we are constantly absorbing toxins through the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. It is essential to remove these poisons in order to avoid catastrophic illness. List of articles on detoxing!
  • Ever wonder why most anti-aging tricks don't work, from face cremes to supplements? The simple fact is that aging is not the result of any one single factor, but is the cumulative result of a number of factors. Learn what you can do...
  • Are you a competitive athlete and looking to use nutrition and supplements to get a competitive edge? Join the thousands of athletes who have used our nutritional guide for better strength and endurance, naturally.
  • If you have read Jon Barron's renowned natural health book “Lessons From The Miracle Doctors” and now would like to view a summary of his key health points, you've come to the right place!
  • Whether you need an extra memory boost for a tough exam, help juggling various projects under high pressure, or experiencing memory loss after 60, maintaining a strong memory is a critical part of daily life. Check out our list of articles on how to keep your memory sharp and your brain in tip top shape.
  • Children who suffer from a catastrophic illness has become a growing concern. To help parents, we added a list of articles, blogs, and podcasts concerning the common health dangers facing children today that you can read or listen to below.
  • human jaw with healthy teeth
    More research is proving that dental health is an integral part of a healthy body. Understanding how fluoride, mercury fillings, and root canals affect your health is a key element.  The best information on dental health can be found in Jon Barron's book, under the chapter “Your Mouth is Killing You.”  If you have already read that chapter, enjoy some of the supplemental articles below.   Learn how to reduce plaque through proteolytic enzymes, avoid toxins, reverse periodontal disease, rebuild bone tissue, and use supplements to build healthy teeth:
  • If you wanted to learn how to detox your body, naturally, bookmark this page!  We offer the world's most comprehensive full body detox program.
  • alternative health: healthy foods and supplements
    With today's news about ineffective vitamins, many frustrated consumers are tossing them and using diet to replace deficiencies. Unfortunately, our food no longer contains the nutrient value it did 50-100 years ago. But, what can you take, how much, and when? Find out in these articles.
  • Enzymes are proteins that facilitate chemical reactions in living organisms. In fact, they are required for every single chemical action that takes place in your body. All of your tissues, muscles, bones, organs, and cells are run by enzymes.  Your digestive system, immune system, blood stream, liver, kidneys, spleen, and pancreas, as well as your ability to see, think, feel, and breathe, (in fact, the very functioning of each and every cell in your body) all depend on enzymes. All of the minerals and vitamins you eat and all of the hormones your body produces need enzymes in order to work properly. In fact, every single metabolic function in your body is governed by enzymes. Your stamina, your energy level, your ability to utilize vitamins and minerals, your immune system—all governed by enzymes.
  • Exercise fundamentally changes every system and function in your body. The older you get, the more important it is – and the more pronounced the benefits. For athletes, natural health can bring your athletic performance to a whole new level, but for a person in their 80's, exercise can literally increase muscle strength by as much as 300% in a matter of just a few weeks. Below is a list of resources concerning types of exercise Jon Barron recommends as well as specific health supplements to help your body repair and build -- important for both the fitness beginner to the competitive athlete:
  • Healthcare & FDA
    Are the trillions of dollars spent each year on medical care in the industrialized world worth the cost, even though the incidence and mortality rate of disease is accelerating year by year? The vast majority of medical procedures and pharmaceutical interventions used throughout the world are not based on scientific studies. They are based on anecdotal evidence. Read more articles on public policy as it relates to your health.
  • By looking at the basic anatomy and physiology of the heart from a doctor's perspective, we gain a unique privilege in understanding symptoms of heart disease. We get to evaluate that perspective. Once we understand the underlying basis of medical treatments used to correct heart disease, we can make informed decisions as to which of those alternative health treatments and medications actually make sense for heart disease symptoms...and, more importantly, what alternatives might actually work to improve your cardiovascular health.
  • Hormones are the body's chemical messenger system. They tell the various cells of the body what to do -- and when -- by attaching to specific receptor sites on individual cells. Problems occur when the various hormones get out of balance. Find out how to balance your hormones.
  •  The body's immune system plays two vital roles: defending against harmful foreign organisms such as germs, viruses, or bacteria; and guarding over your cells to ensure they are not degenerating or
  • The intestinal tract has a specific function to perform: immune protection, digestion, processing food, and elimination of waste. Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle has created a digestive crisis in most people. In fact, almost 100 million Americans have digestive disorders. Find out why and what you can do!
  • Men's Health Topics
    Check out a variety of articles on men's health: what you need to know about prostate cancer, hormone balancing, sex drive, natural testosterone, impotence, and what you can do naturally for the top health issues affecting men today.
  • If you live in any industrialized country in the world today, you must supplement to maintain your health -- to reduce the risk of cancer, heart disease, degenerative diseases of all kinds, retard the aging process, and protect against toxic injury. Read Jon Barron's top article on what kind of supplements you should take.
  • With the environmental battles we face today, proper understanding of diet and nutrition is one of the most important keys to natural health. The poor quality of the food we put into our bodies is in direct correlation to the overwhelming increase in disease and cancer we see today. Learn how to create a healthy, balanced diet through quality organic foods and juices, healthy fats, and non-allergenic proteins.
  • Check out Jon Barron's top super foods! Learn what superfoods and "super proteins" he recommends including a few formulas containing these superfoods that he actually uses for himself.
  • More individuals today are looking for ways to not only lose weight, but to sustain the weight loss after a diet. To lose weight naturally and without starving yourself, there are some things to consider before you start on any weight loss program. Learn more...
  • women's health topics
    Check out the list of articles covering a wide variety of women's health issues: balancing hormones, the pill, progesterone creme, breast cancer, stress and women's heart health, female obesity, and much more.
  • More than 50 million people have allergic diseases, making them the sixth-leading cause of chronic illness in the USA. Rather than just suppressing the symptoms, it is best to deal with the cause of allergies: foreign proteins in the blood. Read a list of articles about what you can do naturally.
  • Like many diseases, Alzheimer's disease does not seem amenable to a "magic bullet" approach. Rather, it seems to be related to a number of factors including improper fats, the build up of beta amyloid in the brain, systemic inflammation, lack of exercise, and the aluminum/fluoride connection. Read more...
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common autoimmune disease in which killer T-cells of the body's own immune system (most likely triggered by invading bacteria) reprogram themselves to attack joint cartilage, resulting in inflammation and joint destruction. The current treatment strategies of suppressing immunity and inflammation offer only limited success since they do not deal with the underlying causes.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) is a common autoimmune disease in which killer T-cells of the body's own immune system (most likely triggered by invading bacteria) reprogram themselves to attack joint cartilage, resulting in inflammation and joint destruction. The current treatment strategies of suppressing immunity and inflammation offer only limited success since they do not deal with the underlying causes. Osteoarthritis, on the other hand, is more likely the result of wear and tear or low pH, but again, standard treatments involving pain killers and anti-inflammatories address only the symptoms, not the underlying causes. In both cases, the key to success is to address the underlying causes, which automatically improves the symptoms.
  • Your immune system is the most awesome system in your body, easily rivaling your brain in terms of complexity, subtlety, and self-awareness. Unfortunately, the intricate balance of this system can be easily thrown off by changes in hormonal balance, poor diet, and invading bacteria and viruses. The result is a wide range of auto-immune disorders ranging from Lupus to MS.
  • Jon Barron has maintained for years that cancer is fundamentally a disease of the immune system. New cancer treatments now validate Jon's conclusions. But instead of waiting for medical science, why not make use of the all natural immunomodulators that Jon has been recommending.
  • More and more doctors are now aware of how endemic yeast infections such as Candida have become. What is candida and how can you rid yourself of this yeast-like fungus?
  • Similar to the immune system, chronic fatigue can be linked to so many health factors that it is difficult to provide just a few suggestions. Because chronic fatigue is so rarely linked to just one cause, we recommend a Baseline of Health® program that is designed to detox and rebuild each and every organ and system in the body.
  • Over 20% of the population currently suffers from chronic pain. Because current pain medications can create nausea, constipation, depression, stomach bleeding, kidney problems, and dependence, many are looking for more natural ways to reduce chronic pain. Learn what works!
  • Although we all get colds and flus, not many know that the plain garden variety flu kills some 36,000 every year in the US alone! Unfortunately, when it comes to treating colds and viruses, modern medicine has little to offer. However, you may want to consider the power of alternative medicine...
  • Depression does not just affect our ability to enjoy each day. Scientists are linking stress and depression with longevity. The good news is that not only can nutrition impact mood, but certain herbs and nutraceuticals can also give a safe, healthy mental lift!
  • According to The World Health Organization, at least 171 million people worldwide have diabetes, and this figure is likely to more than double by 2030. Around 3.2 million deaths every year are attributable to complications of diabetes; that is six deaths every minute! Many do not realize that diabetes can be managed, and in the case of Type II Diabetes, even be reversed. Below is a list of resources to help you learn about the natural alternatives for regulating or preventing diabetes: Also Read:
  • In 1985, between 60 and 70 million Americans were affected by digestive disorders. Today it's close to 100 million. Due to the risks, it is very important to understand how to care for your colon, and your entire digestive tract, to protect yourself from today's world of unhealthy diets.
  • woman with headache or migraine
    Migraines and headaches still baffle the most dedicated scientists on the subject. Fortunately, certain herbs and natural remedies can increase circulation, relieve pain receptors, regulate hormones, and reduce inflammation that often provide the underlying triggers for headaches and migraines.
  • infections
    Infectious diseases range from viral (flu) to bacterial (TB), parasitic (pinworm) and fungal (candida). Infectious diseases account for more than 15 million deaths per year. One of the main problems today is that most antibiotics and antivirals are losing their effectiveness. Find out what does work, that just happens to be all natural.
  • We have seen people with MS achieve consistent extraordinary benefits when following the protocols laid down in the Baseline of Health® program. Understand, the idea is not to "cure" a disease like MS. The idea is to raise all aspects of your Baseline of Health® simultaneously -- in a coordinated manner -- allowing your body to repair itself.
  • Today, approximately 10 million Americans (8 million women and 2 million men) have osteoporosis. Another 34 million show signs of low bone mass indicative of future osteoporosis. Read Jon's articles that lay out the ground rules for a diet that allows your body to build bone.
  • By definition, sleep is a physical resting state in which most external stimuli are blocked from the senses. It is characterized by a general decrease in body temperature, blood pressure, breathing rate, and a number of other bodily functions.  Unfortunately, on average, we now sleep 2-3 hours less a night than we did 100 years ago. An exhausting thought!  In 1910, the average sleep time was between 8-9 hours a night -- which brings up the question: how much sleep do we actually need for optimum health? For most people, about 7 hours a day -- and we're just not getting it.
  • In today's fast paced society, stress and anxiety are an everyday occurrence and can impact virtually every aspect of your health and wellbeing. Relieving those symptoms naturally to avoid a snowball of symptoms can be done with exercise, nutrition, and herbs.
  • Today, there are more than 20 million Americans with thyroid disease. Review a list of resources to help you learn about the natural alternatives for prevention and regulation of Thyroid Disease.
  • The heart, the arteries, the veins—what is their purpose? Just by exploring some of the basic functions that blood performs, it opens the door to exploring how much we can influence the performance of those functions by our dietary and lifestyle choices.
  • Due to injury or age-related degeneration, many are not able to live full, active lives due to muscle and joint pain. Learn more about the various natural health remedies available today to maintain healthy joints and muscles.
  • Jon Barron will walk you through the digestive system -- from the tip of your tongue to the outer edge of your rectum. All of this will help you understand digestive tract diseases (everything from hiatal hernia to acid reflux, from peptic ulcers to irritable bowel syndrome) and how to treat them naturally by working with your body, not against it.
  • Once you understand how important the endocrine system is in controlling every aspect of your life, from your moods to your sexuality to your energy levels to your ability to grow and be strong, you realize how important it is to keep it optimized. And yes, there are things you can do to keep it optimized.
  • Whether you are looking to fight off a cold or would like to understand how your immune system constantly fights cancer cells, our series on the immune system will explain how to boost your immunity and destroy invaders.
  • The National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse estimates that each year, nearly 100,000 Americans are newly diagnosed with kidney failure. More than 100,000 currently have End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) due to diabetes, and an astounding 7.7 million have physiological evidence of chronic kidney disease. Find out how the kidneys work and what you can do naturally.
  • Millions of people in the U.S. have lung disease. If all types of lung disease are lumped together, it is the number three killer in the United States. Understand what you can do to keep your respiratory system healthy with natural health alternatives.